Sex With My Sweet Sister In Law

Hi friends. My name is John and this experience happened with my sister in law couple of years back. Now about my SIL and she were 19 years at the time of the incident and was doing here college living near a hostel where I and my wife used to stay. She used to visit us everyday. She was just 5 feet but was really beautiful means not sex bomb. She was the kind of typically traditional and natural beauty girl and had boobs just 36 normal weight and ass too but she was very fair with long hair touching her ass.

That made her looks horny for me and she even had a bit of small hair on her hands and legs. That really arouses me and now from the time she came to study near us I started to fantasy about her. It so happened that my wife got pregnant and she left to her parents for delivery after 3 months. So I was alone and was working in a top MNC. I was a bit sex starved guy and but I was just dying to have sex with my SIL.

She was very close to me and liked me a lot but she dint have any other intentions after my wife left things went normal and on a Saturday morning I told her that we will go out to the city and freak out. I had sat and sun off and so did she. She was very happy and agreed. Now about my bike since I wanted to take her on my bike and I removed the back handle piece behind the seat so that she will sit more close to me.

So she got ready and I went and picked her form the hostel as she climed the bike and I did ask her to sit putting her legs at both the side of the bike while she was climbing and trying to adjust her seat, accidentally her boobs brushed at my back. I was like ohhhhhhhh my heart was beating fast and cock was getting hard. She sat and we started off as we went on in between I used to apply sudden breaks as I loved her boobs brushing my back while going on when I used to see sexy big butted chicks on the roads.

I used to comment, that time my SIL used to hit me and pinch me saying dirty fellow don’t look here and there. I just loved the way she scolded me and since I couldn’t pinch her I used to put my hands back and pinch her legs and pull her hair on the legs with this she got aroused. We went to a big park as she was new to the city I just wanted to show her the places. We went and sat at a corner seat of the park and started to talk casually. I did not want to waste the opportunity but was scared to tell her anything.

She was my wife younger sister and with much courage I started off I said dear you know that I am really upset, she asked me what happened. I said that I don’t know how you would feel when I tell it and she said its ok you tell me. I said that after your sister left for delivery, I was pretty feeling lonely but your presence made me happy. She said so then why are you upset. I said that as I got more close to you now it’s going out of hands.

She was like with a big question mark on her face and asked me what? What do you mean I said you know dear I am pretty getting closer to you by heart and that I started loving you. She was just taken a back and shocked and took off her eyes off me after a minute of dead silence she asked me and but I am your wife sister and this is not right. I was like oh shit I screwed up I spoke in a low voice, but I am sorry but somehow I just happened and I am unable to control the feelings.

I said that my love for you is pure and not with any bad intentions. She said still and at that moment I caught her hand and said dear I just love you and that if I had not married your sister then surely I would have married you and blah blah and blah I went on. She just looked in to my eyes for a minute with shock hearing all these from me and then a smile came across her lips. I understood it was the chance and she said your crazy boy.

I just caught her strong and made her to lean on my shoulders and said ya sweety I am crazy for you. I slowly kissed her hair and forehead as she leaned on me.I thought she might resist but dint move her head from my shoulders inspite of me kissing. I got bold. I said lets go have lunch and dropped to a near by hotel. Had lunch and started to my room as on the way I asked her would you mind hugging me tight? She was like for what. I said please!

She looked into my eyes and said ok. She held me tight from the back and I could feel her hot boobs pressed on my back. We reached my room and we went in and had a cup of tea and snacks at about 5 pm she told me that it time for her to left as shes getting late for the hostel time. I said fine and stood up; she came near me and said ok then bye, I was like really bye? She actually dint want to go and I finally caught her hand kissed her forehead.

I looked into her eyes and asked her and would you mind giving me a kiss on my cheeks? She was like what a kiss? I said please! Finally she kissed both my cheeks and then my forehead and looked into my eyes. I was like completely mad in her, I slowly moved my face close to her face and kissed her hot and red lips which were still virgin untouched. She was shivering in my hands as soon as I kissed her lips I lost control.

I hugged her and kissed her deep and she opened her mouth and our tongues crossed up. Oh I just wanted to tear her dress and fuck her hard but I knew slow and steady wins the race and I did not want to force her and mess it up. We kissed for about 5 minutes kissing and just hugging. I released her and looked into her eyes and said sweety I’m sorry about it but I couldn’t control. She smiled and said its ok and said bye and went off.

That night I shagged twice thinking of her. Next day was Sunday and I called her to come to my room morning itself. To be frank she actually loved me and obeyed me. That is one quality that I liked in her. So by 10 in the morning she was in my room. I made some coffee and gave her and we were both silent with just only eye contact as she stood near the window looking out, I went close by her and held her face to me and said you look beautiful today.

She was like oh really? So wasn’t I beautiful before. I was speechless. I went near her and caught hold of her hand and kissed and smooched her. She was responding fast back than yesterday. She hugged me and squeezed me and I knew this is the time and crushed her in my hand running my hand on her butts and on her boobs. Now she was a virgin untouched by anyone. I was her first feeling of sex. I slowly unhooked her bra straps without even lifting her T shirt and her boobs pooped on to my chest.

I lifted her T shirt and parted her bra and felt her boobs in my hands. I was wet with pre cum by then. I slowly unzipped her skirt and it fell down on the floor. I knew she was ready for sex and I lifted her in my hands kissing and took her to my bed. I made her lie down and climbed on top of her and I removed her T shirt and her bra and wow she had so beautiful pinkish mango shaped boobs. I squeezed both the boobs and licked her pink tits.

She was like ohhh pressing my head close to her boobs and rubbing her hands in my hair. We kissed each other and I sucked both her boobs for 5 min. I slowly kissed her body and licked every part and went straight down to her pussy. I parted her legs. It was the way I guessed and she had thick pubic hair with pinkish and rosy pussy lips. I parted her legs and parted her pussy walls and rode my tongue on her pussy walls. She was shivering and moaning and she asked me to bite her pussy and lick it.

I slowly bit and licked her pussy and slowly entered my tongue into her hole and her muscles of her legs were getting tight and she was getting hot. I was a small pussy hole as she was a virgin after a 2 minutes lick I took out my cock. I actually wanted her to blow me but I knew she was not ready for it now. So I slowly rubbed my cock on her pussy walls and kept it near the hole and slow pushed it. Her cam with a loud moan ouchhhh ohhh!! It’s paining and I said its ok I won’t hurt you.

I licked her boobs and kissed and smooch her and slowly entered my cock in by stroking slowly. It went half in and she was in pain hugging me tight with her legs with another few stroke my cock in her fully. My strokes increased and her pain went off. We started to make love in missionary position enjoying in each other arms about 5 min later, I asked her to come on top of me. She climbed on top and sat on my cock. It was lovely to see her riding my cock with her boobs flashing in the air like a porn star.

She was enjoying more in this position with kissing me and making me suck her boobs. I was about to cum I changed the position to missionary without removing the cock. I climbed on top of her and increased my strokes as I was about to cum a though flashed my mind. Should I actually finish it as fast as she dint look so tired and I went and washed my cock and asked her to blow me. She said she dint know how. I took her finger and sucked it and showed her this is how.

I held my cock and slow kissed the tip and entered it into her mouth and before she started to blow I stroked my cock in and out of her mouth for her to know how to blow in 2 minutes she was an expert. This went on for 5 minutes and we changed to doggy style. I was really lovely. I entered her pussy from behind and humped her deep. The noise of the splash of her wet pussy was loud in the room. I was at the tip of cumming.

I changed the position to missionary and entered her, I kissed her and stroked hard and in a min I shot a huge load of cum into her pussy. She was like screaming and cumming at the same time. We hugged each other and kissed for 5 min with love. We both washed ourselves and she left for the day. This sex act went on for couple of months till my wife was back after delivery. We also made out in every possible way and enjoyed sex to the heights after her degree she left to native.

I was depressed. However she did make me a promise that this would continue only till her marriage as said she got married 3 years back and happily settled with her husband abroad after that we haven’t spoken anything about sex and just have the lovely days in my mind which I enjoyed with her and as of now I am at my native and settled in Kerala and wish to meet women married or unmarried. Do mail me with your feedbacks at

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