My First Experience As A Teenager

My birthday was fast approaching. I was very excited and making plans to celebrate it in a memorable way with my friends. So after coming back from school, I quickly finished my home work and rushed to Udita’s place to give finishing touch to the plans and to finalize the list of invitees. Udita is my next door neighbor, my class mate and one of my best friends.

She was not at home and when I rang the call bell, to my surprise the door was opened by her “Dubai wale uncle. Uncle was younger brother of Udita’s mother. He was working somewhere at Dubai and used to come to India once or twice during the year. Since early childhood days he used to be our favorite. We liked him because of the tasty chocolates that he used to bring for us from Dubai during his visits.

Arre uncle aap! Kab aaye es baar to bahut din ke baad aaye hain (O it’s you uncle! When did you come? After a long gap this time) I was really happy to see him. Despite a considerable age difference uncle was more like a friend to us and I was sure that his wonderful ideas would really make my birthday party memorable this time.

Uncle was equally surprised to see me, Chhoti tu! Ek saal mein itni badi ho gayi. Mein to shuru mein pehchana he nahin (It’s you Chhoti! You have grown so big in just one year. Initially I could not recognize you) Come in! Come in! What are you doing out side. Udita has gone for her tuitions and will be back soon in my excitement I had forgotten that it was Thursday and on Thursdays Udita go for Maths tuitions after school.

I had nothing else to do at home so I preferred to remain there chatting with uncle. Somewhere it was the expectation also that uncle will favor me with chocolates. Udita’s mummy and papa both are working, so other than uncle nobody else was there at home at that hour as I had expected uncle gifted me two big packs of Cadburys. It was really fun talking to him. His talks were jokingly focused on my growing so big in just one year.

Then looking at my tiny growing breasts he humorously said, Dekho aab to tumahara duddhu bhi itna bara ho gaya hai. Es mein to doodh bhi ban ne laga hoga (see even your breasts have come out definitely you must be getting milk in those) without knowing his intentions and without understanding anything I replied with a childish innocence aree abhi kahan uncle ye to chhota chhota hai (O no uncle, these are too small now)

That cunning opportunist immediately said, I can’t believe. I know you are telling a lie. Why should I lie uncle. I am telling you the truth. No milk comes from these. I am not going to believe you. I can bet and milk will definitely be there in your duddhu (breasts) let me see, said uncle. I had no intention of displeasing uncle and chance of loosing future chocolates so without hesitating for a moment I lifted my T- shirt upto my shoulders exposing my bare chest to him.

Till that time I was not using bra and there was nothing underneath my T- shirt. Uncle examined my tiny breasts by caressing it with his warm hands then also pressed my tiny pink nipples gently with his thumb and forefinger. A wave of strange but pleasant sensation ran all through my body. See I was right. Milk is very much there. Let me bring it out then only you will believe your uncle saying this he immediately moved his mouth near one of my tiny breasts and before.

I could say anything put one of my nipples in his mouth and started sucking it and while his soft lips were pressing it, his warm tongue was moving all around and caressing it in a fantastic way. He put hold of my other breast with one of his hands and started rubbing this nipple with his thumb and fingers. It was feeling so nice that I cannot explain in words. Truly speaking I never suspected that he is doing anything wrong. I was under the impression that he is trying to pull milk out of my breasts after about five minutes.

He stopped sucking my nipple and told me in a voice as if he is very much surprised, Milk is definitely being formed but I don’t know why it is not coming out from here. It’s going out some where else in your body. Let me see what is wrong by saying this he took another nipple in his mouth and like before started pressing it with his lips and caressing with his tongue. Simultaneously, he shifted his hand from this breast to another one which was earlier being probed by his mouth.

Then started moving his other free hand all over my body pressing and caressing various spots and murmuring in between, I have never lost a bet in a minute I will come to know where all the milk is going. I don’t remember how long he continued like this. It seemed as if time had stopped for me and with every movement of his fingers and tongue on my nipples strange waves of pleasure started generating all over my body.

His moving hand was simply multiplying that good feeling. It was moving around my naval then around my thighs and suddenly he moved it up, first lifted my skirt and then pulled the elastic of my panty, moved his warm hand inside and touched my shoo shoo (till that time I used to call it by this name only later on I learnt its real names like vagina and cunt etc) with his finger and triumphantly shouted see, I have found it. All your milk is coming here probably uncle was right.

Because I was also feeling that some liquid type thing is forming inside my shoo shoo and it has become all wet. Uncle stopped sucking my nipple and said let my first dry the milk that has moved on there and then definitely it will come out only from your duddhu (breasts) and nowhere else. By saying this in a flash like lightening he removed and threw my panty away and before I protest or say anything his warm mouth was on my mound and his tongue on my clit.

Uncle started drying the milk that had formed there by skillfully licking it with his tongue. While his head was in between my thighs and his mouth was drying my shoo shoo (this is what I thought that time) his hands were caressing my tiny breasts and fingers pinching my pink nipples. Now the pleasure that I was getting was unbearable for me. It seemed as if my whole body is floating in air as if soft balls of pleasure exploding inside me after sometime uncle stopped what’s wrong.

I am trying to dry it but it’s not drying. If it won’t stop and keep coming here, it will never come out from its right place. Uncle was right. I was also feeling the same. The more he was trying to suck and dry with tongue the more liquid was being formed there inside my vagina. I got little worried. Uncle is putting so much effort. He should not fail. Milk should come out of my breast but is there really something wrong with me? Innocently I asked uncle is there some big problem and will I have to consult some doctor?

Aree nahin (o no!) so long your uncle is here you need not have to worry for anything uncle said affectionately and very convincingly. Let me try another way. Let me block its flow by putting something there and then at the same time I will exert pressure on your nipples with my mouth and pull it hard. Since that place will remain blocked, on exerting pressure this passage will open and milk will automatically come out from its right place.

I had never asked Udita what his uncle does at Dubai but now I started believing that he would definitely be a doctor. He knows functioning of the body parts so well and also knows how to cure if some problem is there. I was thinking this when uncle mounted on me and asked me to spread my thighs to facilitate the movement of the thing that he is going to put there for blocking the leakage of milk. Then he violently started sucking my nipples.

I pulled my entire tiny breast inside his mouth. Thereafter he repeated the same on my other breast. Pressure of his soft mouth, its warmth and movement of his naughty tongue on my nipples again started generating waves of pleasure all over my body. He went on repeating this assault on my breast and nipples with a frenzying speed one after another and but nothing came out of my Duddhu instead in the midst of pleasant sensations I felt more and more milk is forming inside my vagina.

I was just going to ask that why is he not blocking passage of milk there with something as he had planned, when he put is hands down and directed something very hard warm and smooth on the opening of my shoo shoo before I could ask what it is, he moved his hips up and pressed me hard with this action that strange enormous thing entered a few centimeters inside my wet and slippery cunt. Something inside prevented it from moving further in.

Uncle lifted his hips again and brought it down with great force. Something ruptured inside me and that entire huge, warm, enormous thing smoothly glided inside my wet and slippery tiny hole just like a hot knife moves inside butter. It seemed as if I am torn apart. Its entry was painful I shouted at him to stop but he had gone entirely mad. He holds me tightly and put his lips on mine and pressed it in such a way that even if I wanted to shout no voice came from my mouth.

He started moving his hips up and down in a rhythmic manner. In the same rhythm that huge thing started gliding up and down inside me. The pain was splitting me apart but I was pressed under him in such a way that it was difficult for me to come out of this situation. I was unable to shout also as my mouth was forcefully covered with his lips. I thought, it’s my end now. I am going to die in the meantime, that strange thing was continuously moving in and out of me and till that time.

I did not have even the slightest idea that what that thing is. I never expected it to be his tool because in my opinion the thing of the boys was something small and flaccid. I had never seen a fully grown and erect penis before its huge size was something that was beyond my imagination at that age. I was just concentrating my energy to fight back the strength of uncle and come out of his strong clutch when he started moving his buttocks up and down with more speed when I realized that the pain has started subsiding.

Slowly a good feeling has started setting deep inside my vagina with each stroke pain was becoming lesser and that good feeling was increasing and lo! After 8 to 10 further strokes the pain was completely gone and it was only the good feeling left. The good feeling started spreading from vagina to my nipples and then gradually to my entire body and in few minutes I started feeling so nice as if I was in heaven.

Waves of pleasure started flowing all through my body. Such extreme divine feeling I had never experienced before. Not even when uncle’s tongue was inside me and caressing my clit. That feeling was also very nice but the pleasure that I was experiencing now was far above anything experienced before. The pleasure was increasing. The good feeling was increasing. It seemed as if something is going to explode within me, when uncle stopped moving his buttocks.

Now the passion was uncontrollable for me. I started moving my buttocks up and down under him to let that sweet divine feeling continue. That enormous warm, hard and smooth thing was tightly clasped by my vagina walls inside my tiny hole. In the mean time uncle moved his mouth from my lips and again put it on my nipples. The experienced crook knew it very well that now there is no point in keeping my mouth shut with his lips. I am not going to resist him and of course his lips should be kept free to do much better things.

He sucked my nipples for few minutes and while sucking suddenly pulled that thing out of my tiny hole. I didn’t like this action, but kept mum to see what he is going to do next. Slowly he started moving his mouth down. Stopped around my naval licked the area with his tongue. Moved further down now his soft mouth was on my mound and his warm tongue licking everywhere inside outside, sometimes putting my cunt lips between his mouth gently pressing it with his teeth.

Caressing it artistically by movement of his warm tongue I was in heaven. I had totally forgotten what for uncle started this entire exercise and who cares whether milk is coming out of my duddhu or not. Now his tongue was on my clit and licking it with amazing movements. Sometimes in circles and sometimes as if he is writing English alphabets on my clit. I had left myself totally on his mercy and in true sense enjoying whatever he was doing while licking my clit he inserted one of his fingers in my warm and wet cunt.

Now the pleasure was unbearable for me. Something very pleasant exploded inside my vagina. My whole body started quivering. Now that pleasant explosion was not confined only to my vagina. It started exploding around my breasts, my naval and entire body. He continued sucking my clit. Removed his finger from my vagina, it was lubricated with my cunt juices inserted it inside my very tiny ass hole. Finger was lubricated so without any resistance smoothly glided deep inside my potty hole.

I didn’t like the idea and thought of resisting while he simultaneously inserted his index finger into my vagina. Now his tongue was caressing my clit. Index finger moving in and out of my juicy vagina and his middle finger was massaging inside of my sensitive potty hole. Oh! What a wonderful feeling! I exploded, again exploded then again exploded I forgot the count how many times I exploded. Then giving me a ride to that heaven for 10 to 15 minutes uncle again mounted on me once again inserted that huge enormous, warm thing inside my vagina.

My more than willing cunt gladly accepted its entry and my wet soft and slippery cunt walls tightly embraced it. No pain this time only pleasant wonderful sensations. Uncle started moving his buttocks up and down at a frantic speed. The thing also started slipping up and down inside me at the same speed, massaging and stretching my cunt walls, rubbing my clit. My tight vagina lips clutched it in an effort that it should not move. Uncle pressed his buttocks down and though that thing was tightly clasped between the vagina walls.

It smoothly glided in till his curly pubic hairs came in contact with my soft and silken hairs that had just started growing around my vagina when he moved his buttocks up it smoothly glided up giving a titillating massage to my cunt walls and cunt lips which were tightly holding it. I did not know how much pleasure was hidden inside my body eith his skilful strokes divine feeling was building inside of my vagina spreading through out my body, reaching its peak and suddenly exploding again building.

Again exploding every next explosion was more intense and more pleasurable than the previous one. I subsequently learnt that this point of extreme pleasure or climax is called orgasm. I was getting orgasm after orgasm after every eight to ten strokes I was getting one orgasm. Uncle’s movements started getting faster and faster. Now the inside of my vagina was being rubbed and massaged more vigourosly by that huge velvety thing. I have no words to explain the good feeling and the bright, intense and pulsating orgasms that I was experiencing one after another.

Then I felt that strange thing is swelling inside me and stretching my cunt hole to its maximum. Its stretching pressure on my soft cunt walls and the opening of my vagina was also delightfully pleasant. Then it contracted and with the diminishing pressure my vulva and vagina walls, which were tightly holding it also contracted in this fashion it swelled and then contracted eight to ten times forcing my vagina also to stretch and contract in the same rhythm each time it was swelling and contracting something warm was sprayed inside me.

Oohhhhh! I should not have done it inside by saying this uncle pulled that thing out while he was pulling it I felt it was no harder and was not exerting any pressure on my tight vagina walls. Totally exhausted, I was lying in arms of Uncle. I was in different world now after about ten fifteen minutes uncle got up and cleaned me with a wet handkerchief. Searched for my panty which was lying below the sofa and he himself put it on me and then said chhoti, I lost the bet.

I could not make milk come out from your duddhu but never mind we will try it again some other day and I am sure next time I will definitely be successful and Chhoti, please don’t tell it to any body, not even to Udita, what we did because they will simply laugh at me that I lost my bet and could not bring duddhu out of your breast would you like people to laugh at your uncle? No, no why should I tell it to any body. I don’t want any body to laugh on my sweetest uncle.

You did your best might be something is wrong with me only. We will again try it to-morrow, and I am sure you will definitely be successful this time. That was my innocent reply but that tomorrow never came. All of a sudden the very next day uncle left for Dubai later on I came to know from Udita that next day uncle was trying to bring out milk from Udita’s tiny breasts in the same way as he did with me, when unexpectedly her mother dropped in from Office.

She had headache so came back little early than the usual time. They had a good fight. Mumma scolded him like anything. I had never seen before my mummy getting so angry. Udita told me for the reason not known to her; uncle was thrown out of their house and warned not to show his face again. It was a big shock to me. More than eight years have passed since that memorable day. In between I have grown up and become more matured. I had affairs with couple of nice guys indulged in sex but so far no encounter has been as memorable as my first innocent experience with uncle.

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