Shared apartment at on site

Hi Friends Raj here again from Bangalore. As I mentioned I had been in IT and worked across the globe in various countries. One such project trips me and two gals were onsite and we were sharing an apartment. One gal was petite but with 36 bubs and fantastic ass 5 ft tall. Her name was Amala. The other gal was Neena she was 5.7 ft tall but with 34 bubs and 33 ass. Now the apartment was 3 bedroom and cost us 120 Euros. This was well within out budget and allowed us to cook. We were there for just 6 weeks and Amala and Neena bought a lot of pickles spices and things like Roti and Puliogarai and so on. I had bought a few MTR curries. Since I was ok with western food and they also were ok we used to cook every 3rd day and weekends. Our staple food was rice and egg, salad, curd, pickle and potatoes or cauliflower and tomatoes. Now the problem was we had only two bathrooms one on ground and one on upper floor. So the gals and I had a an agreement they will wake at 6 and bath first then at 7 they will call me and I go to bath. The reason I found out by accident. One morning I woke at 6 and what feeling urgent need to go to toilet. The bathroom downstairs had a tub not shower and had a toilet. We being Indians preferred shower more than tub so the reason for demand for the upstairs toilet. I got out of my room and went to toilet downstairs. I was coming back up the stairs when my jaw dropped. Amala was turning away from Neena’s door and she was just wearing bra and panties. Lacy and short showing the cleavage and nipple. O man what a sight. And then came the next shock Neena came out of her room dressed in a towel alone which barely covered her crotch.

They stood paralyzed and I stood paralyzed. Then two shrieks and they ran to their rooms closed doors. I went to Neena’s door and knocked and said am going to my room get bathed fast and tell me we are running out of time I said. I went in closed my door. Few minutes later I heard the bathroom door close. I was feeling very aroused and standing there in my pajamas with a tent in front. Then I heard Amala she was knocking and asking me to open. I opened and she came in wearing a skirt and t shirt. She sat on my bed and pulled her legs up exposing half her thighs. Well Raj u had a great view for starting the day eh she asked looking at my tent I said yea and if u stay here longer like this I may have a greater day by attacking u and laughed. She smiled and said so u are getting to be not the gentle man u always are. I said a gentle man is only half gentle rest is all man she laughed and said well we don’t have time to find the truth. I said well I can demonstrate for a start and we can carry on later. She looked at me with a mischievous smile and I went and sat near her and put my arms around her. I kissed her. We frenched for a few minutes. I then cupped her breast over her t shirt the filled my hands. They were soft and firm and standing erect with her projected nipple which was like my little finger size.

I tweaked them and put my hand on her thigh and send it in to her joint and crotch. Silky panties met my hands. I found her joint wet and I rubbed her there and felt trimmed hair. She was holding my dick over my pajama. I pulled her t shirt up and felt her nipple and breast over her bra and slowly lifted her bra over her breast it was too tight and thins I was afraid it might tear. But I wanted to feel her warm skin and soft breast and tweak her nipple. I wanted to suck the breast and lick it and feel the warmth over my face. She was medium complexioned typical Indian featured girl. Liquid dark eyes red lips and medium gold complexioned smooth skin. She opened my pajama and held my dick. O man I was in heaven we contnued kissing and sucking each others tongue and feeling each others body. Her other hand was in my t shirt pulling my chest hair and twirling my nipples. I was getting out of control I send a finger to push aside her panty and felt for her vagina. Those who know how a vagina feels wet like ointment and hot and slippery will know what a wonderful feel it is. I got two fingers in and was rubbing this way that way till she broke the kiss to moan. I had found her clit and g spot.

She writhed and squeezed my balls I felt pained and told her take it easy dear. Just then I heard a cough from the doorway and looked at Neena who was standing in her towel and smiling. Well dears u have just 45 mts to get bath get dressed and to start for office. We jumped apart and laughed then Amala ran off I just walked to Neena and then I felt extraordinarily bold and I pulled off her towel there she stood nude with her medium boobs and fair complexioned body with trimmed vagina. I just grabbed her and kissed her and squeezed her bubs. Then released her hair and fingered her pussy and she was already wet. Well well well somebody is all excited I said. Then I said well since we have seen each other let us not be hypocrites, I just walked bare buff to the toilet and Neena slapped my ass and ran to her room. Well today is Friday and we have a long weekend ahead after 3 weeks of work and sigh seeing I think I will just enjoy the local sights. How we completed work we don’t know we were sitting in a room with 4 others. When ever we got the chance we groped each other. They were on skirts and t shirts. Easy access. I removed their panties and kept it in my laptop bag.

At 12 promptly others went for lunch and I grabbed Amala lifted her on to the table. Neena went and closed the door. My 7 in long 5 in wide dick I just unleashed and let Neena lick it and I entered Amala at one stroke. Incidentally Amala was engaged to be married and had been enjoying with her boy friend and she was no virgin and I entered her she was tight. Later she told me I was double her bf size. I lifted her t from the skirt and opened her bra and squeezed them and started fucking. TO tell the truth I did not last long just 20 mts. I came in her. None of us bothered whether it was safe or not. I pulled her on to my lap and sat back in the chair exhausted and sweating even in the 10 degree temperature of the room. Neena looked awe struck at the brutal fuck she saw 20 mts of hard grunting and hard fast deep thrust and squeezing of breast and bruising kisses. Amala got up put the t inside her skirt then rearranged her hair and she took her bag and said give me 5 mts then we will go for lunch. I said fine. Caught Neena and kissed her. She was a virgin and needed to be handled with care. I told her tonight sweet heart u loss your virginity and she smiles a tremulous smile. Well we were looking forward to a night to remember she her first fuck me my first virgin. Well friends if u want to hear more especially gals mail me

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