Fucked a hot married event manager

Hi, I am rover from Delhi. I have been reading ISS for quite sometime now and after much thinking I thought of sharing my own experience with all of you guys. I work in a marketing team in a telecom company here and the nature of the job entails a lot of traveling. This particular incident happened when I was on a 3 day trip to Jaipur last month. The event was being supervised by a hot female Vijaya. She was very fair and looked almost western, short with nice assets. Her boobs were 34c and she had a proportionate ass and though its not the best in business her overall killer looks and slim figure more than made up for it. Let me cut to the chase now. We reached Jaipur in the morning on the first day and after a very boring day filled with sessions we retired to our respective rooms. I had developed a licking to Vijaya from the first moment itself and given a lotta hints to her on the same. At around 10:30 at night she came to my room in her nightie and just wanted to while away her time as she wasn’t feeling sleepy. I ushered her in to my room and with the AC on at full blast I was just in my T Shirt and boxers. I sat on my bed and initially she sat on the sofa while we were watching television but after a while I asked her to come over on the double bed and be more comfortable. She eyed me for a second and then agreed and lay down in a upright position next to me.

We generally started chatting and I asked her bout her hubby and family life. She told me that her hubby is mostly outta town and so is she as being an event manager meant a lot of traveling as well. I said that must have made her life a trifle boring and she nodded. Then she asked me bout my personal life and generally we started talking bout each others romantic preferences. She asked me how I find her and I told her she is absolutely gorgeous and out of the world and its just a pity she is reserved only for one guy. She then smiled mischievously and said that just being married does not mean one is reserved. She then asked me which part of her body I liked the most. I began to say that but she said I will have to indicate and not spell it out. I sensed my chance and by way of indicating her legs I started rubbing my legs over her silky pair from her ankles to thighs and then moved my hand to her navel over her nightie. She flung her head backwards and started moaning quietly. I knew she was ready for action and bend downwards and started licking her legs. She started touching herself from her stomach to her boobs while I kept licking and tickling her legs moving up ever so slowly. In the process I took off my T Shirt and boxers while she took off her nightie to reveal her silky waxed legs and an exotic conical bra and laced panties. The sight of her lingerie hardened my cock all the more and I rushed for her thighs holding her ass from behind and licking them violently. She started moaning louder now and started squeezing her breasts. After five minutes of intense licking over her thighs and panties she turned around saying she wanted the same treatment to her ass and back. I willingly obliged slowly taking her panties off and loosening her bra while mounting on her from behind.

I started from the back of her thighs moving up to her ass licking sucking and chewing them up. Then I made a move to her sexy bare back held loosely by her bra straps which I promptly removed with my teeth. I gave long stripes throughout her small back with my tongue and she started moaning loudly now as our feet jostled against each other down. After a good amount of licking I turned her around and started smooching her. Being a married woman she was an expert at that and gave me a strong dose of her saliva. I could sense that she was already wet and so was I as our precum mixed with each other. I then moved downwards with my sights firmly on her erect sexy breasts and took all of it hungrily in my mouth. She gave an almighty scream and for a second I thought that would wake the neighbors up but then she kept screaming as I turned my attention from one boob to the other.

Her loud moans spurred me on and I moved downwards to lick her navel and then down to her sexy shaven pussy which was waiting for the touch of my tongue. She spread her legs so far apart to take my tongue that I could virtually see all her vagina underneath and like a hungry dog I started eating her snatch. She staring jumping on the bed as I sat down taking her frail body in my arms and kept eating her. After 10 minutes she said she is going to cumm but I dint move and she came all over my mouth. Then she grabbed me by the back of my head and dragged me to her and started licking my mouth to clean off her own cum from it. We lay in each other arms for a lil while giving each other a kiss here and there after rejuvenating ourselves she said she wanted my cock now in a 69 position. We had some problems adjusting as she was quite short to my height but we finally managed and she took half of my cock in her mouth. She was an expert with that as well as her mouth started giving me stroked while her tongue played along with my dickhead and foreskin. I was in such ecstasy that I forgot to eat her at all and within no time I said I was bout to come but she wanted to swallow all of it herself. I came and came so hard that her mouth couldn’t contain all of it and quite a substantial amount of it spilled over to her neck, breasts and navel. She then said that she wanted the remaining part as well and asked me to swallow it and then transfer it to her mouth. I was still in such an excited state that I was more than willing to do it and I licked my own cum first from her navel then her breasts and then her neck and kept on transferring it to her mouth which was glad to take it from me.

After the blow job session was done we wanted to do the full thing but she wanted me to wear a condom which I dint have. So she took a condom from her purse and put it on herself and it was the first time I saw a female wearing a women’s condom. It also made me wonder if she was already expecting to get lucky with any guy in this trip. While she was ready my cock was still in a limp and exhausted state so she gave me a hand job to get it erect again. Her hands did magic to my cock and it was again erect in no time. It was she who was taking the calls now and she mounted on me with legs spread far apart and guided my cock into her vagina. With the AC working its best we were still shivering and my cock felt the warmth of her tight vagina. I started ramming my cock into her cunt and she started moaning like never before. There was still some time to go as her vagina was too tight to take all of my cock so we kept working at it while my hands kept playing with her breasts which were dangling right in front of my eyes. Our bodies kept moving in rhythmic motion and in 10 minutes time we ended up having almost simultaneous orgasms. Thereafter she fell on top of me exhausted as I held her tightly to my arms still feeling all her silky white body. For the next two nights we continued in the same fashion experimenting in all fashions and even indulging in kinky sex. We even developed a fetish for bathing in each other’s piss and that continues to be one of my favorites. But maybe I will keep the elaboration on it for my next piece. Those three days have undoubtedly been one of my best so far. Do write in your feedback to me at

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