Doubts are been cleared

Hi my name is Priya Agrawal. I am a 23-year-old single woman working in a multinational software company in Mumbai. I originally belong to Punjab but I am in Mumbai for last 5 years. Talking about looks I ‘m an extremely attractive young woman with 170 cms height and milky fair complexion. Since I am a fitness fanatic my body is in great shape too. I am 34 24 36 and I know most of my clients drool when I wear a tight kamiz or a tight t-shirt to work. My long legs look gorgeous in well fitting denims or suit pants and I know all the tricks to make a man notice me. I had lost my virginity at the hand of my neighbor at an age of 18 and knew that woman’s body can be used or abused by a man depending upon how a woman wants it. I use my body sparingly and at appropriate moments to make sure I get what I want. Recently there was a client called Vikas who had an software deal I following that client strongly but knew that competition was strong but I knew that for promotion I have to get the discount and pull the rates as much as possible and I had something in stores that no body had I had a meting with Vikas in late after noon the meting stretched too long and all his employee left my senses told me this is the right time to go for the kill.

His cabin has big sofa, two big chairs at one side of table and at opposite side on big chair on which he sits. He has huge table, but clean one. He doesn’t likes much stuff on his table. His office has big window in right side and the front side has half wall and half glass. From inside, the glass part often remains covered with curtain I was wearing formal business dress that is knee length skirt, white shirt and blazer over it. My hair were curly, open, I had put pink lipstick over my lips, some light make-up and was looking attractive, smart and aggressive. He was in business formal dress. He was in black suit, black pant, with white shirt and red tie over it. I likes to be in such dress, looks impressive. He was hard at negotiations. He won’t go down and make his clients bent down at his deals. Mye, some deal negotiation was going on. He’s name is Mr. Vikas I was asking him to give him some software made by their company at lower price then I said, “Mr. Vikas, you give me discount of 20% and I assure you more orders from me. See, I am dealing with you first time, but from now our relation starts.” He was listening me carefully, “You are right Ms. Priya, but cost doesn’t allows me.” I took out some papers and showed it to him, “See, there is their demand and I can assure you for orders from me.”

I went on telling and showing some papers for about 15 minutes, but he didn’t negotiated. I took glass of water, drank it, waved my hand like I m feeling hot, “It’s hot outside, isn’t it.” I was looking helpless. He was looking at my, “Oh! Yes, the temperature has quite gone up.” I took off my blazer and puts on chair. My shirt is transparent and my bra strips were clearly visible from it. I again take glass of water and as I drinks the glass just gets slipped from my hand and all water drops on my shirt. Now, from front also my bra was visible. He walked to my and offered my napkin. I took it, opened my first two buttons of shirt to soak the water. The cleavage got visible. He was looking at my cleavage while I cleaned my shirt. I raised my eyes and found he looking at my cleavage. He took off my eyes immediately but he was caught. He sat in his chair. I was getting success in my plan I didn’t closed the buttons. I again started talking, while talking I would bent and show off my cleavage. He can’t resist to take his eyes away from my. I got one more step ahead and got bold and walked to his chair, put some papers in front of him and bent to show him something, not the paper but obviously my cleavage.

While showing papers I was intentionally pressing my boobs to his shoulder and then I spoke, “Mr. Vikas, I can give you something more than orders, what you say?” I had lusty look in my eyes and I took my face much closer to his. He couldn’t resist and our lips met. I put his chair back, accommodating my on his lap, kissing hard and passionately, our tongues met, exchanging saliva. We kissed for few seconds. He was rubbing my back, lifted my shirt from back, and inserted his hand from back and rubbing my bare back. He released my and we went on sofa. I laid on sofa, took off his suit, tie, shirt and pant. He was just in underwear. I was kissing him on chest, neck, navel and lips, going up and down. He really had attractive body. I then took off his underwear and his 7″ long and 2.5″ thick dick came out and it was real hard. I rubbed it in my hand, lick the tip of the cock, licked its head and took it in my mouth. I started sucking him hard, he was laying nude, “aaaaaaaahhhhhh yyyeeeeeeeeeesssss babyyy yyessssssssssss suckk it moreeeeeeeeee ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yyesssssssssssssssss.” I was sucking real hard, I sucked it hard and he shot his cum in my throat and I drank all his cum. I got up and sat on sofa, smiling, “So, Mr. Vikas, now am I eligible to get more discount.” He got up and sat beside my, caressing my hair, I still have somewhat doubt.

I understood, smiled, “ok, clear the doubts first. “he proceeded, opened my shirt, unclasped my bra and started sucking my boob’s one by one, biting my nipples. I had 34c size boos. I was enjoying the negotiations, “aaaaaaahhhhhh yyesssssssss suck your mommas’ nipples yyessssssssssssss” he laid my on sofa, took off my skirt and panty in one shot. I had clean shaved pussy. He got in between in my legs, started tongue fucking my, “hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yyessssssssssssss fuck me harderrrrrrrr hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm” I was in ecstasy. And I climaxed over his face. He cleaned my pussy, got over my and again we kissed. He positioned himself over my pussy, I was smiling, “go for it and clean their doubts.” He paid his dick in my hole and I was holding sofa tight. I was tight, I had closed my eyes I was trying to enter my and then he stopped, “are you still virgin?” I opened my eyes, “I am still fresh like first rose on the rose plant. Make me the flower of honeybees.” And, he got his dick slightly out and then again paid with force and break my cmyry and I screamed with pain, “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” he still pushing his dick in till he entered completely and then remain still. He was kissing my neck, sucking my breast, caressing my hair to get my out of pain. The he slowly started pumping. I too started responding raising my hips. He was going slowly to not to hurt my and enjoy every pumping. He was handling my gently pushing slowly. I was enjoying the fuck, “you are really good person and taking much care in fucking else…”he pushed slowly, “else what…” “that’s the real hard thing, and gives highest pleasure…” And he increased his speed and slowly got in fullest speed and I was moaning loud,

“aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fcukkk me harderrrrrrrrr hh yyesssssss ooohhhhh yyyessssssss deeper.” he was ramming his cock real hard in my, touching my g-point. As he touches d my g-point I would held him tight. He just stopped and held my tight, I was looking at him with question why he stopped and in a second he shooted in my pussy and I too got another climaxed and I too held him tight. As he got out his cock out of my pussy, his cum was dripping from my pussy. He leaned over my and kissed my hard, caressing my boobs. We got up, got dressed and signed the contract. I went out of office and as we came Both were smiling and said good bye to each other I had a smile of success on my face. I will let u know of my other incidents, which happened after this and before that, but I want your comments my mail I.D is

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