night encounter



It happened few years back when I was unmarried and 27 years old. I had enjoyed sex few times, but not prostitutes, but this incident true one is very special and I am not able to forget it till date. I was posted at Paradip Port, Orissa for some construction project and I was first to arrive to construct site office etc. Through the sub-contractor of office I appointed a advasi lady for cleaning of office, to serve tea and for other office activities on labour supply basis on trial. She was oily-black 32 years old with very solid body with medium size rocky boobs and with full shape and hard buttocks. Earlier she was working as labour at site and married to a munda boy and had a child of 5 years. She was very hard working. As weeks passed away I accidentally touched her boobs and buttocks once in office and both were very hard which you will not believe and so I started to imagine how she will be in real action in bed. I did few financial helps to her and she became friendly and understood that she do not want to work as a labour, and requested me not to send her back, and I agreed and in turn I got an indication that she is ready to oblige. I was just waiting for a chance and it came then. One day she told that her husband and child is going to their native place and after two days she also wants to go to native. She told she has to reach Cuttack and from there she has to catch bus to Keonjor, her native place. I made out a plan and she agreed. I booked a ticket by an early morning train from Cuttack to Vizag where I belong and by earlier evening reached from Paradip and booked a A/c. railway retiring room. I had few drinks from nearby bar and waited for herin good mood. As per the plan she was to reach railway station by evening and stay with me and catch next day morning bus to her native. She arrived at 7.00 PM and took her to my railway retiring room, and as I often used to stay and by tipping the staff, I did not have any trouble. We went out for dinner and came back by 9.00 PM. After coming back she told she had never stayed in A/c. room and I told that she is going to stay in a/c. roomand sweat and enjoy the fuck whole night, and she smiled. After freshening up, we lied down on the bed and the A/c. was on. I touched her both breasts and it were not soft, as I had felt earlier. I made her naked and Who! She had wonderful athlete body. I kissed her squeezed her buttocks which was also hard unlike other normal women, due to hard working. She made me also naked and took my dick in her mouth the entire length and I could feel the tip was touching her throat. She made me enjoy for few minutes and by this time we were fully aroused. Then I started licking her cunt, and she started making some erotic noises and I could understand she was enjoying it fully. I told her to lie down on bed and parted her pussy lips and put my erect dick into her wet pussy and started pumping. I did it for 10 minutes and when I was almost to come, she told to stop action and told she will come on top. I agreed and shr mounted on me. She sat like a frog putting her legs on both sides of my body and in that position caught my dick with one hand and inserted into hr cunt and started fucking. I was really enjoying and to my surprise she had ability to control her cunt-lips, which I had never felt any more. Actually she used to control her breath, and coult shrink her cunt lips occasionally which action was making the fuck more interesting. I discharged, but she did a non-stop fuck for 20 minutes further and I presume she did not discharge. We waited for another half an hour and started the 2nd session. She became in doggy style and massaged my dick passionately and I fucked her from back and it lasted for half an hour . Again she asked to lie down on bed and she parting her pussy lips inserted my full dick in her pussy and whenever it ws slipping out she will lift one hand put it again without stopping the action even once. She was dancing on my top so fast and steady and I have not experienced such action never in my life. I came for 2 times and this time also I felt she did not come. I asked her about this and she smiled and told not to worry and even her husband fail sometimes to make her come. After marriage I am the 1st man to fuck her other than her hubby. Before marriage she had few fucks with adivasi all munda boys only. I was ashamed, and she consoled me and told it is not your fault and it is because of her laborious stamina. We took rest for some time and I brought two tea from railway platform and by midnight we started again. She was on top again and the session continued and I do not know when I slept like that and I had a deep sleep. I woke in the morning 5.00AM and was naked and she had bath and ready to leave I also freshened up and we fucked for once in standing position, an early morning fresh fuck and she adjusted so much that I could enjoy well for 20 minutes. I sent her out to catch her bus, went to take bath and got ready to catch my morning train with a total exhausted feeling internally and physically. Before leaving She told me I had deep sleep and snoring and whenever she found my dick erect, she had climbed and fucked from the top, but I did not remember and there was a blankness in my brain. Even though years have passed, I could not forget this night till date and her stamina, and my failure to make her pussy discharge once in the whole night. Hope you could enjoy the incident, which is true narration and send your comments, or contact me anybody interested to my e mail

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