Sex Experience With Rani

Hi.. This is Prasad from Chennai. Nice to meet you all here. I am a regular visitor of this site and many of the stories reflect my life which inspires me to share my experience with you. If the maid in our house is sexier in your view, it will always reduce your sleeping time and increases your dreaming time. It is true in my life. I have been enjoying the sexy smell of maid’s right from my 9th standard. This is a story about our maid Rani.

During my 1st year vocation, I went to my aunt’s place to spend the holidays. She had a 1 year old daughter and her husband is a businessman. Since they both were working, they brought a new maid through their friend to take care of their child (who knows at that time that she will take care of me too). She was around 18-19 years black complexion looking like a trade mark village girl. She was a hard worker and soon become closer to our family. I didn’t have any different opinion about her and things went away normally since I didn’t see her in that point of way. D

ays passed away and I was back to my place and completed my 3rd semester.

During my 3rd sem holidays, I went to my grandpa’s place to attend a family function. We arrived at morning and my Aunt’s family arrived at night. Since it was a late night travel they all very tired and I went to take all the luggage’s from the car. When I opened the back door I was astonished to see the posture of Rani. She was sleeping in nice chudithar but her long hair spread all over the seat and her sleeping was too sexy to see.

When I called her to get down, she suddenly woke up and my god! What a sexy face it was. For the first time, she completely dismantled me with her sexy look. Girls are always girls boss. That night we all (below 20 years group) slept in the hall. Her head was near to my toe, sleeping near the door. By 1 AM, I slowly came near to rani and smelled her sweat and hair. I brought some courage and slowly touched her hand, then cheek and finally the lips. When I touched her lips, she suddenly murmured something in sleep.

I waited for 10 min and I touched her leg over the chudithar. Then I slowly moved her chuditar tops upwards till her breast. Suddenly she shouted mildly “Haiyyo.. wts tis?” in sleeping. First I was shocked and thought for a second that I was caught and disappeared in dark. Then I realized that she just murmured in sleeping. After 5 min, I came and gently kissed her stomach and she was shaking her body showing some resistance in sleeping itself. I then kissed her cheeks, chin and finally planted a kiss on her lips.

She showed some resistance whenever I kissed her. In the meantime, she adjusted her dress to normal. I slowly moved her dress up from the backside. I was kissing every inch of her back. When I slowly move upwards with my lips erasing her back I was clean bowled when I saw a tight white bra on her. People, please believe me this was the first time in real, that I was seeing a bra in a girl’s body. Suddenly I loaded all my gums on her back. I slowly came to my place but I couldn’t sleep that night.

Next day, I couldn’t see her directly but scanned her body thoroughly whenever I saw her. She was not aware of what had happened on the previous night. When I go for bathing, I saw her bag near the steps. I just took one red chudithar to smell. I saw a big hole in her pant near to her thigh region. Since she is from poor family only these kind of dress material will be with her. I went to the bathroom and on the way I saw her washing the vessels. She tied her hair to bun. It is not actually a bun, it is bun(ch), Such a long sexy hair.

She looked even sexier in her bun. I realized that I was gifted with such a beautiful maid. That night she slept perpendicular to me. I came to her and kissed her breast over the chudithar and then pressed and pumped her breast with my mouth but suddenly she woke up. I don’t know what to do? I asked I was searching the water bottle and in the dark I thought it was my cousin and said sorry.

She took the bottle gave it to me and slept again. After 15min, I couldn’t sleep and slowly extended my hand towards her balloon breast and pressed and squeezed. Suddenly she got up and sat for a second with closed eyes and slept on other side. I couldn’t understand her. Since my cousins were sleeping on the same room, I slept silently. Next day, we went for picnic. She came silently and whenever I saw her, she looked somewhere and I was so disappointed.

After that incident, I was enjoying every night with her.

She will be in deep sleep and I was enjoying her full body except her vagina. I tasted every inches of her body. One night after 2.30, I slowly came to her and removed all her chudithar buttons and saw her breasts. Boss, it is not a breasts, it is actually a black milk pocket. For more than 15 min, I tasted, sucked her breasts and kissed her lips for more than 30 min. I tasted her tongue and teeth and every skin of her body. She is a real sexy goddess in half saree. She was in a green half saree during our 1st meeting but I didn’t have any sexy feeling at that time.

One night when she was sleeping in her half saree, I completely took off her saree and tasted her. This all happened when my family members were sleeping nearby or in the next room. One night, when I was enjoying her, our grandma suddenly seen us but in the dark she couldn’t see what I was doing. When she asked I just said I came to take a soft pillow. Whenever I sleep with her, I usually put her hands around my neck and she will tighten the grip and hug me. Till that time

I was not known whether she knows all these things and the things were blank to me

After that I am back to my college and she left the job and went to her native and after that I always used to masturbate thinking of her. After 4 years, one day my aunt told that she will be visiting our place for a function. We welcomed them and I came to car to take the luggage and shocked to see rani sitting in the car. She was smiling and I smiled her and don’t know what to talk.

All the angels came around me and sung a romantic song. I asked how are you? And she told I am fine. I was speechless and didn’t know what to do further. Whenever she saw me she gave a seductive smile. I didn’t know the meaning of the smile. That night I couldn’t control my feelings and came to her and kissed her cheeks. She turned around but I ran to my place. After few minutes, I came and started my regular activities with her.

This time when I kissed her lips the response was amazing. I completely enjoyed her whole body except vagina. Finally I loaded all my cum over her body. The turning point of my love was the next night. She was in a tight light yellow chudithar asusual sexy but her long hair was missing. I came to her with my mobile phone. I wanted to take some serious steps. I moved her dress upwards till her neck.

She was wearing a black bra. I completely tasted the depth of the navel. When I was feeling the depth of the navel, I just thought of knowing her face reactions. So I switched on the mobile light and saw her face. And shocked to see that she was controlling her shyness and smile. I continued to insert my tongue in the navel and the deeper the tongue, greater the seductive smile and shyness. I slowly came up and whispered in her ears “Rani, kiss me” and then showed my cheeks.

She suddenly gave me a electrifying kiss. It took some time for me to come to back to normal. I again asked her to give a kiss. She again gave a kiss. I asked her whether she knew this before. She told in husky voice “ I knew it right from the first touch”. Then we kissed each other and the night was ours. I asked to remove the hooks of bra. She said no in shy. But I kissed and begged. She suddenly removed and closed her face. Completely sucked her breasts and her whole breast was in my mouth. We had sex till 6.30 for almost 4 hours in my life. I cum my sperms all over her body. This continued for many days.

One day when she went to take bath, I was watching TV with my family members. I slowly removed myself from that atmosphere and went to the bathroom and knocked the door. She opened the door and I suddenly entered into the room. She was in her black bra and brown panties. I removed my pant and hugged her tightly. We were kissing for 5 min. Then I sucked her breasts and belly button. I licked all over the body and loaded my cum inside her navel. I tasted her sexy hair and smelled the sexy sweat. Then I came slowly and slept in my room. That day she wore a saree as I requested and we had one more round in my room.

My dear friends, the thrilling part is that all these incidents happened when my family members are around us. It was an adventure for both of us to enjoy the sex at day and night when my family members are around. There are many more thrilling moments and 5-6 times, I was caught by my cousin and aunt when I was kissing rani. These are just a brief of a very few experience. It will take some 5-6 stories to explain in details. There were other interesting incidents. Based on your feedback, I will post my other adventures with my sweet maid rani, vimala, prema and revathi. For your comments and my details, please mail me at

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