Seductress Part IV

Thanks a million all readers of ISS  and specially the hundreds of you who have send me mails of encouragement, love and guidance without which I never would have got the strength to continue with my post .” Love you all ” Anyway this is Sunita , once again with you all here to continue my post .

Some readers asked me about my hubby and my relations with him. Although I admit we had slowed down as everyone does after 10 years of marriage but my sex life as a whole was satisfactory and this adventure with Ketan was not at all due to my hunger for sex. As I said it was an “adventure” and it happened just out of curiosity and for fun. Ketan was literally lapping my clean shaven cunt outsides just as a dog would. He was a bit inexperienced I felt, but to correct him I held him by his hairs and pushed his face towards my cunt.

He was shocked and even looked up at my face our eyes met for a second and he seemed to have understood what I wanted, so he got back to work. And when his tongue was at the right place I made a slight moaning sound. In fact I wasn’t moaning, I’ve never moaned while having sex, but it was just for him to know that he had got the right spot. And without speaking a word he got me and started licking my clit.

I was in heaven. It was the first time I was being eaten and it was one of my fantasies coming true. I slid a bit more on the chair so that he could get access to my pee hole as well. One hand of mine was on his head holding him by his hair and with the other I was caressing my own breasts. I was enjoying every moment of it and in around 10 mins I came. Shuddering, I pressed that poor fellows head in between my legs and let him go only when the spasms subsided.

Next I went to the bed, got in a doggy position and spread my legs. He understood and began running his tongue inside my cunt as well as my pee hole and my ass hole. In the next 10 or 15 mins I had my second orgasm, the first in my life. Yes I had never had multiple orgasms till that day. Ketan was doing his work fine and I enjoyed him to my fullest. I didn’t take off my nighty that day, the next day in the afternoon Ketan was there again and that day I made him get nude and eat me.

Sometimes I would stroke his cock too, but just enough taking care that he didn’t ejaculate. His cock was throbbing hard, I could see his nerves swollen and his cock head was red and hot. While I bend to touch his cock I made sure my breasts brushed his arms or hands from inside my nighty. He was dying to mash my breasts but I knowingly was teasing him and keeping him away from them. He had learn sucking quite well and was making me cum.

My nipples were hard and when I was caressing them, milk was oozing at making my nighty wet. I was enjoying the teasing him and watching the mouth watering cock. He was licking and lapping my holes like mad, savoring all the liquid, god knows what it tasted like, but he was enjoying it to the fullest. The third day I too undressed fully, we both were stark naked and he was happy to see my breasts after 2 day. His rod was stiff from the very beginning and that day to tease him I took one nipple of mine in between my fingers and sprayed some milk on him .

That day I lied on the bed and he ate me to multiple orgasms. I was touching his cock with my feet and that was making him more aroused. Then something unexpected happened, he lost control, his mouth stopped licking my cunt and he pounced on me , just like a hungry tiger. Yes I was being fucked. I was fully conscious but his heavy arms held me hard and I was unable to move . Within minutes his cock found the right place after hitting around 4 or 5 times.

I was already wet, his saliva and my cum mixed provided enough lubrication to him for entering me without any of us touching his cock. First just the head entered and in 2 or 3 strokes he began tearing me apart. I had never been fucked so deep and the thickness and length of his cock was more that I had always taken in. As I have told you, I was happy till that day accommodating my hubby 6 inch cock in me. That extra meat inside me took some time to fit and although it was paining,

I didn’t scream or yell. His cock had a particularly bigger head , somewhat shaped like a strawberry and I could feel its sides rubbing my cunt walls as he was going in and out of me. I didn’t protest , I don’t know why , maybe because I was enjoying getting fucked maybe because the man on top of me was giving me full pleasure. He was pressing my breasts and sucking them giving me unlimited pleasure and I was coming continuously. In the pleasure I even forgot the risks, I wasn’t on pills neither was he using a condom.

All the while he was taking pleasure enjoying my milking breasts, kneading them and drinking the milk. In around 5 mins he began breathing hard and hitting me faster and faster. I felt his balls hitting my asshole with every stroke and then I felt hot semen on my womb, he was filling me up as his strokes slowed down and then he stopped and fell on me. We both were breathing heavily and laid there for sometime before Ketan got up, got dressed and left. I could see his limp cock and the hairs around it wet with our cum mixed.

After he left I too moved to the bathroom and washed the cum flowing out of my cunt and bathe That time I was unaware that just one mistake could shake up my whole life. In fact that one incident gave me the pleasure I had never before experienced and I felt so whole inside me after that  something that can’t be put into words. Ketan was an expert and after that day he fucked me daily, sometimes even 2 or 3 times a day, depending upon the chances. But with condoms. I had sent him specially to a nearby town to get them the next day .The same day evening Ketan came upstairs after lunch.

I was about to retire and when he came up I was breast feeding my son. He sat on the chair in front of me and said he was sorry for what he did in the afternoon. He said he had lost his senses and all such things, praised my looks and my body and so being a woman I too melted. After my son slept we started making love , he undressed himself first and then took off my clothes one by one , all the time kissing and licking my whole body and on repeated requests I agreed for a 69 . Maybe just for a few mins but it was terrible, taking that massive cock into my mouth wasn’t easy at all that too with all those hairs around it .

Some even got in my mouth and I had to wipe my tongue a few times in between. I came once while he sucked my cunt and in return I let him cum over my breasts and tummy. After we cleaned ourselves and I asked him to leave. He didn’t, he was getting erect again and this time he requested me for sex. I wasn’t willing because it was night time and someone could come looking for him. But he was mad and I too was wet inside. The pleasure I had got in the afternoon made me go for it again.

I had 2 condoms in my purse, it was a pack of 3 but my hubby had used one when he had come and I gave one of them to Ketan. Ketan entered me and began pumping his tool into me and because he had ejaculated a short while ago his time had got extended. In the beginning we were in the usual missionary position but my legs began aching so I changed position and took both my legs on one side. He kept pumping like an animal. I had cum twice and 25

to 30 mins passed but he wouldn’t stop.

I was exhausted, my cunt was paining and I was thinking of ways to get him to ejaculate. We again changed position and I stood bending and asked him to get in from the rear. I was holding to the bed-rest tight and spread my legs to make room for him, he stood behind me and pushed his rod in . It was very painful, but I knew he couldn’t last long in that position. Yet he took nearly 5 or 7 mins more, speeding his shorts and tearing me apart from in between my legs. Just then something struck me, his hands were on my hips ,

I took both of them and kept in on my breasts. He instantly began kneading them and it worked . He lost his hold and shot his load into the condom and then let me go. I got a feeling as if I was mounted and fucked by a stallion that day. Days went by and we both were enjoying and exploring more and more. We tried several new positions some of which I had seen in blue films with my hubby, although we had never tried them. It was fun and one day I told Ketan “enjoy me as much as you want today no sex from tomorrow ” He was puzzled, there were yet around 10 days before I was to leave.

Then I cleared to him, the next day I was expecting my periods so no sex. We enjoyed a lot that day , he fucked me thrice that day and once at night . I had prepared myself for him, clean

shaved my cunt and underarms , used deos etc . In short, I had began to make myself beautiful for Ketan , I had rediscovered my sexual desires and began to feel young at heart , just like a newlywed girl during her honeymoon , eager to get fucked at every chance possible. That day in the morning he fucked me once and twice in the afternoon.

What happened was we finished once in the bedroom I went to clean myself in the bathroom

and he followed me there. There he told me that he wanted to bathe me. It was fine for me. We had become totally shameless with each other , being naked in front of each other had become very normal sort of . He bathed me and took all fun rubbing and pressing my breasts . When he reached down he washed me and after that made me keep one leg on a tap , around 3 ft high . My legs spread and he sat down on the bathroom floor and began licking my fully spread cunt.

He was nude too and by the time I had an orgasm his cock had got erect again. Then he fucked me there in the same position again. It was nice, but he always took very long to ejaculate during the second shot. I was exhausted by the time we finished. We again had sex that night and that was the last time we did it. Not because I had my periods it was because I had missed my date . Yes friends, hell had broken on me

Ketans seed had found my womb and from that day all the fun was gone.  I was ruined and I was cursing myself for doing all this .Since that day and up to the day I left our village, Ketan tried innumerous times to talk to me or to meet me alone but I didn’t. I was broken. This is all for today friends, I’ll continue writing but maybe if I continue my post it’ll be posted on incest section, because of the situations that arise . However, your responses and mails will decide that. Till then, bye, lots of love and god bless you all.

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