Naukrani ki Chudai

This is my true story which i want to share with you, now i m 30 years old, this story is about my sexy maid Suman & this happened last sunday,Time was near about 11’o clock I was at home and sleeping, suddenly door bell rang, I step out from my bed and open the door the time was of maid,I saw a unknown attractive face their,after inquiry I came to know that she was daughter of Laxmi and massi was not feeling well, So she send her daughter for work, she came in the house and I was amazed to saw the girl namely rani.

She was near about 27 years old and having a gorgeous body and whitish skin, she starts her work and watching her I realized that my peni is getting erection to watching her, I was feeling horny after seeing her bombastic body which was 38-28-34. I decide to make a try to make friendship with her carried by fucking, she was standing in the kitchen and I was watching a new Indian movie on cable, I saw that she is also trying to watch movie from the kitchen.I saw and immediately my mind got an idea.I call her and said please give me a water she came after some time I get the glass from her hand and during this also touch her hand, I saw she tried to watch movie I asked her if she want to see movie she can sit here, she sat on the floor near my bed, the movies was a love story which contains many sex scenes and songs, after some time when a scene come where the heroine was lied on her bed with short skirt and shirt,(which was like bra),I saw renu her face was red after seeing early & this shot,

I told her that I don’t like this heroine to start the friendship with her,she hesitate a moment and then ask me why,I told her that she is not looking beautiful and not acting good she replied me no this is my favorite heroine and she is very beautiful, I took rest for some moment & told her that I think you are beautiful than her, I saw at her and found her in shy mode, she said no you are lie, she is , I once again told her, and continue that your face eyes & lips are beautiful than her and same a other body, suddenly she saw me with anger, I laugh a little and stop talking with her. After some time there was a song on tv in which hero & heroine was singing a song in sea with their minimum clothes, I once again asked her look see your favorite heroine which type of dress she is wearing, she give me reply after listening her reply I was stunned, she asked that if she has something then why she not shown it to others.

After some question I asked her that you have a much beautiful body, than why you are not watching it to others. Now she was quiet, after the song I order her to sit on the bed, firstly she refused after some time she was agreed. She was sitting near my feet, after sometime I start some discussion with her which changed after couples of minutes and I start a little sexy gossips like to told her how she is beautiful and how good she is looking, I feel she is enjoying my praises to her, after 15 minutes I sit near her on the bed and suddenly caught her hand with both mine, first she try to leave but I caught her with some power, I was massaging her hand and told her she is beautiful like heroines, she have a lovely body and I likes her, I feel her hand was trembling and her face was read and was full covered with sweet, her eyes were shut, I went more near her and suddenly kiss on her cheeks, she open her eyes watch me and said me this is not fair, I reply her that every thing is fair in love & war and I fell in love with her on first sight. Again I brought my face near her and try to start kiss her on lips in start she was not responding after some time I feel she is opening her mouth.

Now I was sure that I will fuck her today, I caught her with my hands and now my arms were around her and she was touching my chest with her full groom breasts, we were still kissing each other’s lips with full force, I start to move my hands on her back, and after some time I start to catch her big boobs firstly touching and after that I caught both with my hands, she try to some resist but invain, now I was fondling her boobs and was trying to open her kameez zip which was at her back, now she was responding in full mood, she was chewing my lips with her mouth & tounge. Slowly I move my one hand to her back side and with same slowly mode I opened her zip. Now my hand were moving on her bare back, she was still sucking my tongue, I start to kiss her on cheeks then her neck and downward on her shoulders my one hand was still playing with her boobs, I pick her kameez from one corner & other corner tried to pul it down side from her shoulders, now I saw her bare shoulders and after then her black bra, after some time her bra covered boobs were infront of me.

Oh my god, that were marvelous, I gone mad to seeing her boobs, I hurriedly open her bra hook from back ohhhh now two big milk plants were there standing with proud. That was great even today after remembering them I m feeling horny. First I start to fondle and caress them with hands & then start to suck her nipples, they were like two rocks, she has little brownish areola & nipples, now she was moaning with pleasure. Now my moth was on her boobs and my hands start their journey towards her belly, after sometime my hands were on both her thighs, I catch her from shoulders & lay down on the bed & I was on top at her, I opened my t shirt & then my short, now I was fully naked lying at her, she was now on hell and moaning loudly kia ker diya hay mojhay, kya ker rahay ho meray sath, meri aag boojha do, I questioned her are you has sex before she opened her eyes saw me and move her neck in positive way oh god it was my luck I m near to fuck a beautiful smart girl.

I picked her one hand & placed on my 6” inches , which was at his full motion and hard like a pipe. She touch it it and then opened eyes and saw, I looked amazement in her eyes, she starts to moves her hand on my prick, I placed my hand at her thighs near her vagina (choot) & start to move towards her vaginal hairs, I was feeling wetness there, now I opened her salwar and try to make her naked she also helped me to move her buttocks, now she was stark naked and I was moving from her boobs to vagina. My fingers were touching her vagina hole and I inserted my one finger in her, she was so tight that feel my finger, she was on fire now and moaning hay kya ker rahy hay dard ho raha hay meray boobs ko bhi dabao, suddenly I drop my mouth at her vaginal lips and was sucking & licking her choot with full mood her moaning become louder & louder, after five minutes I feel she is near to discharge,

I stand and ask her to suck my penis she simply refused, ok I came and sat down between her thighs and my penis was touching her vagina, I made wet with my saliva and placed it on the vagina hole, first I moved it up & down and then on hole, I make some pressure on my lund but it was looking difficult, so I caught her legs and placed them at my shoulders and suddenly thrust my lund in vagina the cap of my lund was now inside her choot and she was crying that nikal lo isay bahir nahi to may mer jaon ge, there are paining please leave me, but it was invain and I start to jerking my lund in & out of vagina, after three minutes my lund was fully in her covered with blood and she was still crying with pain. Now I start to move slowly and after sometime I saw now he is feeling well and thrusting under me to match with my jerks, now I was pumping her hard fondling her boobs and she was responding me with moans like haan ab theek its ok please fast , zor say kero sara under dal do han wah maza a raha hay, I was at full speed and after 20 minutes I feel my cum was near my lund mouth I increased my speed and within two or three minutes I discharged in her.

Friends that was not experience, I later fucked Suman many times & also her sister.

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