My Maid

Dear readers, this story is of the time when I was working as a production manager in one of the factory at Mumbai. My age was 29y at that time and I was living in a house which was on rent. The house was having complete privacy. It was on the 7th floor. I was working in shifts which used to change every week. Sometimes, I had to work in morning shifts, sometimes in noon and, sometimes in the night shifts.

I was having one maid servant whose name was Devki Bai, aged about 37y.She was the mother of 2 sons, 10y and 7y old. Her husband was a drunkard and use to mis-behave a lot with her. Devki Bai was buxom. She used to come to my house for the home service as per my availability. When I was having the morning shifts, then she used to come in evening otherwise for noon and night shifts she used to come in morning at around 8.30 am.

From the day one I was enchanted by her buxom built. She was having normal facial features. Most of the time, I used to see her when she wiped the floor. I used to take the intoxicating glimpse of her well stuffed melons hanging inside her blouse and cleavage could be seen from the cut of her blouse. I was really intoxicated by her overall looks. Her fully fleshed butts, juicy full lips were all the point of my fantasy in the nights during jack off. Her fingure movements near her groin to satisfy her itch were deadly for my eyes. Whenever I saw her doing it, I fantasized about her pussy. When she used to walk around in my house, her heavy boobs slowly shacked which was a real sexy look, appealing deep to the man inside me who was restless to get the woman inside her. I was having deep wish to fuck her some day but, she was so reserve in nature that I was not able to make my move.

One day, I got chance to plan for seducing her. It all happened by chance. I used to put my wallet on my table, on which I used to do work. Most of the time, it was in my knowledge that how much money I am having in my wallet at the end of the day. That day also I knew that I had 6 notes of Rs. 100/- (Rs. 600/-). I proceeded for my noon shift. At petrol pump, when I took out my wallet, I saw that I had Rs. 300/-. I was surprised. I paid for the petrol and headed for my factory. Entire day I was thinking that where I lost Rs.300/-. Anyways, I shed that happening considering it my own carelessness.

After 2 days, I came back from the night shift at nearly 8 am. As usual I put my purse on my table and went to take a shower. I knew that wallet contained

Rs. 200/- and some change. Devki Bai was doing her usual job of cleaning my room where my table was placed. I came back and had my breakfast. As I had done the night shift I was feeling sleepy. I laid down on my bed. I heard the voice of Devki Bai who was asking to lock the door. I closed the door. I slept again. I woke at around 2 pm. I was hungry. I went to the kitchen and took my lunch cooked by Devki Bai. I felt the urge to puff a cigarette. I came to know that my packet had finished. I rushed to the shop which was in front of my building on the opposite side of the road. I opened my wallet and shocked! It was having no money. I was surprised as I knew that it was having 200/- and some change. Well, I came back to my flat and took money and gave to the attendant of shopkeeper who came to take the payment of cigarette pack. Now my mind started probing into all happenings. My suspicion went on Devki Bai as nobody came in the flat during that moment.

First, I thought that I should ask directly to Devki Bai but, I knew that matter would aggravate and it would be very difficult for me to prove my point. I decided to check it and caught her red handed.

After 2 days, I usually came from my night shift at around 8 am. Devki Bai also came in few moments and started to work. I deliberately put 500/- on the top of my refrigerator. I sat in the bed room from where the refrigerator was visible. I pretended that, I am just taking a nap but I was watching the actions of Devki Bai. She went to take something from refrigerator as she was cooking lunch for me. She saw Rs. 500/- note on the top of the refrigerator. First she saw towards me and got confident that I was asleep. She took the note and was putting in her blouse, but I was alert. I shouted on her. She was taken aback. I caught her red handed. She was scared. She started crying bitterly, bent on her knees and begged pardon for her deeds. When she bent on her knees, her well stuffed melons grabbed my attention. My roving eyes stuck to the wonderful sight, and here flashed the idea to bring my fantasy come true.

I lifted her holding from her shoulders and asked her to calm down. I asked her that why did she do this? She told that she was having need of money and also confessed about previous thefts. I said that I will give her extra money whenever she needed but, I wanted her to cooperate with me. I hugged her and talked in a very loving soft tone.

Her eyes were full of tears but, lips were silent now. She was watching in my eyes as if she was trying to interpret the meaning what she heard from me. I hugged her more tightly. Her stuffed boobs were pressing against my chest and I could hear the accelerating breath rate in her chest. She was not able to say anything. I got little encouragement. I kissed her cheeks and then took her lips and pasted mine on them. Lips were hot, breath was having rising temperature as it could be felt when my lips were pasted to her lips. She made no objection. I got more encouragement. My right hand was now massaging her left boob. They were stuffed more than my fantasy. I wasted no time. I took her to my bed room. I laid her down on the bed. She had closed her eyes. She had surrendered her to me. I was turned on by seeing her buxom body on my bed. My member in my pajama was making all sorts of efforts to come out.

I removed her blouse and then bra. She was having a green colored blouse and white colored bra. OOOh! What a wonderful sight. I took her right nipple in my mouth and started nibbling softly. She gave first sign of excitement by making a hissing sound. Her body twisted as I was little hard with my sucking. She was having big boobs [my idea is 36D….probably] with black nipples protruding out of the boob surface. I started massaging the left one, and then interchanged the nipples. I could feel the rising heat in her body. Now I shifted my attention to her juicy lips. I sucked them up to the fullest of my satisfaction. I was noting, with every passing moment she was getting alive and cooperative. She hugged me tight and was making hissing noise.

I asked Devki to open her eyes. She opened her eyes. I now started opening her saree. She was little hesitant but, did not object. I gradually opened it. Now she was all natural in front of me. Now, I also removed my all clothes and came in natural. My dick was hard as it was not made up of muscle but of steel. She was having a dense bush on her pussy. I asked her to sit by the side of the wall on my bed putting a pillow behind her back for support. I aksed her to open her thighs by bending her knees and taking them near to her body. Her slit was visible now. I am mad about the looks of pussy slit. I could see the pussy lips, red cunt opening. Her pussy was big, a mature woman suppose to have one [much bigger than my college girl friend]. Cunt hole was little open and wide pointing towards her long sexual experience. I inserted fingure in it. OOOOOhh gosh! It was wet and hot. It was as hot as, since long, no cock has dropped a single drop of semen to cool it down. My fingure went deep in her valley to explore every nook and corner. She was making only whistling sound and I could feel the level of arousal on her face. I inserted another fingure in her. Her eyes were closed. Now, I bent and put my exploring tongue on her love door. I licked from down up to her clitoris. I teased her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. She had fleshy and thick clitoris, [much thicker and fleshy than my college girl friend]. I licked her. Her moans were rising, hissing sound was giving me signals that I was on the right track. I sucked her clitoris and tongued deep in her cunt.

She came with a sound of ‘eeeeeeeeeuuuummmmmmnnneesssssssshaaaaaaahhhh’. I did not stop. I laid her on her back and eased her. I again stared kissing her lips and boobs. My hands were rubbing her buttocks, hard. I also teased her ass hole. In few moments I realized that, tide in her was again getting aroused. I opened her thighs and put my dick head on her cunt. Softly I entered in her and kept going till the stem of my dick and my balls started touching her pussy. AAAAAAhh! What a heated cunt. I eased myself in her. I did not make any action after my entry in her. I laid on her saliently. I tried to take control of my neural stimulation for holding my explosion. I was feeling her wetness, heat, warm breath in her fleshy breast, loving touch of the walls of vagina around my dick. I kept this fantastic feeling on till I got a complete hold on my neural stimulation. I had delayed my explosion for next couple of minuets. She was also lying down with calmness and enjoyed the presence of my manhood in her womanish privacies.

I slowly started strokes and started fucking her. My strokes were getting intense after every passing moment. She wrapped her thighs around my waist and hips. I was locked in her. She hugged me tightly. I was pumping her cunt with full thrust. Her moans were converting in sounds of ecstasy. She was making loud sound which was turning me on. With every stroke I was more intense in next one. My rod was running in and out like a piston. I felt that her body was getting tense and slightly twisting. I got the signal that she was near her second orgasm.

I intensified my strokes and in few seconds, she hugged me very tightly, thighs were tight around my waist and made a loud noise of


Her whole body was loose the very next moment. I was still pumping her. She kept her hug on my body with her legs around my waist. In nearly 4-5 seconds, I experienced the most exploding ejaculation of my sexual action, till date. I felt that my dick swelled and became thicker than ever. I felt that stream of my love juice was coming down my urethra and ……………..exploded a jet of semen in her thirsty and wanting cunt. I gasped for a moment as if I will not be able to take my next breath. For a moment, I went in the trance of ecstasy. I mind was totally in deep trance and I felt an intense current ran from head to toe which quivered my entire body. This condition remained for 2-3 seconds and then I turned calm. A tide which was rising since I had seen Devki Bai had got a way out. I felt a deep sense of relief and relaxation in my aching cock. In about 15 minuets, I separated myself from her. She slept in a deep sleep. Her breast were rising and going down with every breath. I lit a cigarette and went near the window of the room. I started puffing it with a great satisfaction with in me. I was relaxed. Every puff was inducing freshness. I started to look upon Devki Bai who was sleeping carelessly.

The sight of her pussy was a turn on for me for the second spell. My love juice was rushing out from her cunt and slowly soaking the bed sheet. Some droplets of my semen were entangled in her bush as if they were declaring that “Mission Accomplished”.

This sight again aroused me and my dick was hard again within no second for the second spell. I finished my cigarette and again started to massage the voluptuous body of Devki. I started kissing her from head to toe passionately. I massaged her boobs and sucked nipples hard. Pasted my lips to her lips and sucked them hard. She was conscious now but kept her eyes closed. I felt her hand on my cock. She grabbed my balls and massaged them. She held my dick and put it on her entrance and pushed her pelvic towards me to take it deep into her. This time started passionate fuck. Every stroke was intense and deep. She was moaning, hissing and hugging me. Her rhythmic pelvic movements were matching my strokes and in within 5 minuets we both came with another exploding climax.

That day, she went after finishing her work fast. A big spot on the bed sheet of our mixed juices was witnessing the wonderful coitus just took place. From next day, I fucked her almost everyday till I remained in Mumbai. I fucked her in doggy style, on dinning table, in bathroom, on floor, on sofa, in kitchen, and in every possible corner of my flat. I ate her pussy many times during my breakfast on the dinning table. After few weeks she started to spend her noon time with me [when ever I was not having noon shifts]. We watched many xxx rated films and tried every kinky thing to satisfy our physical demands. She started to remain happy as her both financial and physical needs were satisfied at same place.

In latter stage she agreed to give me blow job. In early days she was reluctant to this action but I persuaded her by showing xxx rated films and how women enjoy tasting the cum. Later she became crazy about my cum. One day it was height when she gave me a head and when I came, she took my entire semen of bread and ate it. We tried honey on my cock and she licked it clean. She loved semen+honey a new delicacy. I also put honey on her pussy and licked. The taste was wonderful.

I have always turned on seeing a woman pissing. I used to see her pissing in bathroom. The sight of piss stream coming out of urethra was always a turn on for me.


Story by MSXXX,

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