Illict relation with office maid

Hi there friends, this is my only experience which I had with my office maid. I am not like a others who write anything (any fantasy stories) . this is not a fantasy story but a true one.

I am ravi. A , I live in pune city, born in chennai, and I ma 23 years old. I work as a manager in a construction firm , where my father work as a project director. I have completed my MBA in finance from symbosis. Any way it dosn’t matters.

Lets come to the story.

This happened to me six month ago, she (Mangal Bhai) started to work in my office 1 year ago.I did not really cared about her, as she is just a maid,one who sweep and swab the office and clean the toilets. Nobody in the office really cared about her.

As my company’s peon had a bad habbit of poking his nose all the time, I ask her (the maid) to get me a coffee or tea. She calls me ravi saib, apka chai!! .

From this every thing started I don’t know why when ever she comes to give my tea or cleans my cabin , I look at her body ( naval , boobs and when she walks her ass, the way she sways them). First I thought they were ugly and dirty to even think about it.

She (Mangal)is not really a beautiful women, dark complection , don’t know about her vital statics, she is thin you know, got a small boobs like a lemon and her ass is flat. Some time I think she never eats ( may be because of her finincal problems), she got 6 kids, that is all I know about her. From what I hear from the peon and my office staffs.

As I live close by the office (few blocks only) I come early and go late. You know the guy of my age, what they do when they have access of internet. I watch porn on internet by coming early and leaving the office late, as I had a one set of key to the office I close them and opens them. She comes to the office by 8.00 in the morning and I come around the same time but other staff comes by 9.30 as our office timing was 9.30 to 6.30pm. she leaves the office by 4.00pm.

So I never had a chance to talk to her or express my feeling to her.

So I decided to talk to her in the morning by coming at 8.00 am.

First I was scared to talk to her, what if she will tell my story to the whole office, it will be a huge embaracement to me. So I have taken some advice from my friends. Who had helped to get some guts to talk to her.

So I started to talk in a friendly manner , first about her and her family, about the work in the office, so day by day our relation became very friendly.(it took me month to build this relationship).

Little by little I started to touch and talk to her ( not some thing like that ) like touching her hands, her back, things like that. First she was scared of my beheaviour like touching but things went by. We started to crack jokes and talk about personnal life and little intimate. I know things sound crazy. But we went on.

I started to show my real character and my purpose to her little by little, by showing my erect penis ( not exposed) showing indirectly, by going to toilet and make my penis erect and lower my underwear and wearing a trouser on top of them, showing my big bump on my trouser. staring at her boobs and her ass. First she tried to avoid me by not talking to me, but things changed after a week, I came to the office early and she was sitting out on the stairs, as I opened the office door, she came in and started to work. I put my all my guts to gether and went to her , as nobody was in office execpt me and her, I went stright to her and caught her by hand , huged and kissed on her lips and squeezed her tiny boobs.

First she was terrified, then with anger she slaped and abused filthy language to me. ( matherchooth , gar pe maa bahen nain hai kaya?).

I was scared and I thought she will complaint me to the boss, and tell other employees about my mis-behaviour. I was ready to leave the company. Or run away from everyone as my father was a important person in the company, I don’t want people to laugh at my father. Lunch time passed nothing happened everyone was in his place, I called in my peon to get my tea. He looked at me (actually stared at me) blacnkly and left my cabin. 2 miniutes later maid entred my cabin with a cup of tea, I was so embarassed and I started to look down at my shoes. As I was not able to look at her eyes and say thank you as I used to say previously, she put the tea cup in front of me and left without a word.

I was confused and scared. Then she left for the day at 4.00pm as usuall. I came out of my cabin looked at my co workers, and I was relieved and thanked the god , that she had not uttered a word about the morning.

For a week I came like other employees at 9.30am. so I don’t have to see her or speak to her. Man I was really scared you know when things go against you, you lose all the control of the suitivation. Same happened to me.

Following week she spoke to me asked if I wanted a cup of tea or coffee.

Quickly I replied “NO”. as I was angry also about what she had done to me. Nobody slaped me not even my mother. So it irritated me. Made me feel low.

Then one day my boss asked me to come to the office early as he is going to USA for a month, so he called me early to give my assingnments for the month. But that bastard did not show up. So I had to meet that bitch Mangal bai , I did not say anything , I went straight in to my cabin and closed all the drapes ( Curtains) . she still came in and asked me this question

Kya ap gareeb ho ko asie istamal kar ta ho? ( This how you use poor people who work for you?)

Ap ka kam nai huva tho , tho bhat be nahi kar the ho? Kya so cha apne, main apke ke sath bisthar thak awongi ? ( if your plan dose not not work , you wont speak, what you think , I will sleep with you).

Sorry guys my translation is bad, like the above passage she went on for 20 mimiutes.

Half of the word I did not hear as I was ignoring her.

Than finally I said sorry , I made a mistake, I was tempted it is not that you are beautiful or anything , just get out of my cabin. I told her in hindi

She left with out a word fuming.

One week passed that bitch, she still came in my dreams and when ever she passes or clean my cabin my penis goes wild. ( after I had gone to the extreme ) I don’t know why this was happening to me.

One day she had come to me asking me to help her as her husband was sick, needed to admit him in hospital with out any word afternoon I gave her Three thousand rupees.

She was happy. After two days she came to my house and gave back the money .

Then changes started to happen to her , she started to speak to me even though I was angry to her , I started to talk myself. Then the relation little by little.

One day I was standing with my friends near her house ( I did not know she lived there) smoking and laughing then suddenly someone called me “ravi saib” , I was surprised as it was Sunday and no other office people live in that area.

Then I looked back , Mangal was standing there with her kid, I smiled at her and told my friends she is the maid who work in my office, she asked me to come to her house for a cup of tea. As I did nothing I went with her , excusing myself from my friends.

We walked about 200 meters , there her small house in a big compound. She made me sit in a only stool in her house. Her husband was not there, I asked about him , she told me he is a watchman comes late in the night.

I was sitting there for a minute or two smoking , her boy went to get some sugar for the tea, I was alone with her and her 2 years old baby ( Ugly baby , with a leaking nose),

I was playing with her baby for a while, suddenly it started to cry aloud, she took it from me and started to cosy the baby, it was still crying , then I told her maybe the baby was hungry.

She sat down and started to breast feed the baby, man what a glimpse I had got , she a protruding ( sticking out ) nipple , and I was wrong about her boobs , it was not a small one but she was wearing a tight blouse which made look smaller, not like a lemon but a tennis ball. I got a quick erection.

I was helpless not looking at her boobs, I kept staring at her boobs which she did not care to cover it up. Immeadiatly she looked at me but said nothing and did not bother to close with a sari, which surprised me . in my mind I thought I had won a battel of having my first sex with a maid.

I drank my tea and left after thanking her ( for both ha ha ha).

Next day (Monday) I came to my office early 8am and opened the office went to my cabin and started to work as it was important.

She came in with a cup of tea and smiled at me and said “gud moring ravi saib”

I laughed and corrected her It “good morning”

Days went on , iam again started to mastrubate dreaming about banging that thin ass someday.

That some day came , I came to my office early as ussual, she was standing there near the stairs when I came , I opened the office and we went in. she started to do her work (sweeping & swabing) . when she entred my cabin , I kept staring at her body (boobs, Naval, Ass) she did not say anything . I went near her, she looked at me questingly still smiling. I huged her. Without a word, I did not leave her , she did not respond for a miniute or two , I stood there huging her waiting for her response ( I was ready to take a slap for one moretime ) to my surprise she did not slap me but huged me back after 3 or 4 minutes later ( I think she was thinking what to do). When she huged me I was overjoyed and became more powerful ( I felt as I have conqured something). With out a word I started to kiss like a maniac ( kissing every where , lips ears, eyes, cheeks, boobs, neck )

She started to laugh as she was treating a kid.

I started to pull her sari , but she stoped me telling some one may come. So I took her in the store room ( where we keep old files and stationary Items) there was a old, table, I made her sit on the table, and started to remove her clothes, I was surprised when I removed her blouse it was really a beautiful one with a pointed black nipple, I rremoved her skirt , she had nothing under them, I was shocked to see her pussy , it was covered with a hair all the way from her pubic region to her ass , and her inner thighs too it was covered with a big black hair ( I thought I will lose myself in a amazon jungle).

She asked me to do it quickly as she had work to do, (which bothred me , she treated me like customer for a prostitute) anyway I was not much bothred as I was getting to have sex free of cost.

I started to kiss and suck her nipple and poking my fingers in her every hole.

She started to moan and I let my penis enter her , within a few strokes ( may be 15 – 20) I shot it out, she laughed at me. We quickly cleaned ourself and got dressed and went on to do the work.

Even today we have sex three times in a week in office store room.

But guys I don’t know whether I had fallen in love with a maid or just using her for some quickies. any way!!!!

As long as I can fuck her I am happy.

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