Hunt wtih astrology

Hai guys my name is xxxkumar.I am from madurai in Tamil Nadu and iam married.Last Feb my Wife went for second delevery to Chennai and i feel very happy because of my maid ESWARI.She has a shiny black skin with small boobs and with strong big booty.Everyday she wear very very old Saree but it was very sexy.she was working for past 6 months in our house and i did not speak a single word to her but i mastrubate 100 times thinking of her booty and navel.When my wife went for delevery every day morning at 8 o’clock eswari will come for work and start to sweep my bedroom floor on that time i will wait in the hall with thousand’s of heart beat that how to start whenever she come from my bed room she tell your room is finished.Due to tension immediatley i will go to my bed room and lock the door.But i cant lock my pool(cock) and i had a instant idea i remove the keys from the door and peep the hall through the door hole and she was sweeping the hall by bending now i can see her one side of belly and i start to shake my pool softly then she turn and show her back immediatly i got mad my work speed get high in few min my pool trigger some gums in the floor.Then i clean my floor with the towel and went to my car lot and smoke a ciarette.after finish all the work she came out side and ask Rs.50 to buy surf i give her and she went to her home.The next day as usually she come and sweep my bedroom while i was sitting in the hall.After finishing bedroom work she start to sweep the hall but i did not move from the hall and i ask her did u buy surf to wash my cloth she said yes and i ask her where is the balance money she told tomorrow i will give the balance because my daughter ask some snacks.i said ok.while this conversation i watch her navel it was very beautiful which i cant say.Then slowly i ask her what is ur husband doing she said her sad story that she was a second wife for her husband and now he is in jail for 8 month and i ask her how r u running ur family she said ur wife is giving Rs.1000 for month.Then i said do u beleive in astrology she said little bit.Then i told her i know astrology(But i really dont know astrology).I ask her that shall i see ur palm and finger and tell what is ur future she said no sir its okay i will see some other day and i have plenty of work to do and going home.The very next day i have very much confident that today i must smell her big booty and i remove my undrewear and wear lungi and a T-shirt.She came very early and she was very beautiful that day.She start sweeping as usual but she was dull and i ask her why are u so dull Eswari she said i have plenty of problem that i want to go to jail and see my husband.Then i ask her what is ur star she said i dont no.Then i ask her to show her hands to see astrology things first she think to not show but slowly she came near to me and show her hands i touch her hand it was very rough but my cock tooooooooooo slowly i move my finger in her palm and watch her navel but it hide behind her saree.the sweat smell which come from her body is really amazing and i become mad then i hug her very thightly she shout and jump like a horse but i did not leave her i catch her small boobs and start to crush she shouted but i dont bouther i push her to the wall and tell i will give u lot of money she tell just leave me on that time i touch her navel and slowly move my hand down and move her saree and inskirt towards up she cryed and I bend and see her pussy what a shock it is 80% clean shaven and i put my toung and start licking ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a taste i suck her pussy for 4min after that i saw her face and she was still angry and i turn her and saw her back with big booty first i move her saree fully up and start smelling her booty it was amazing and use my tounge and wipe it and she told enough leave me.I push her to bend and give a very good ass fuck she screameddddddddddd and i smell her hair and give a very very hard fuckkkkk and release my paste into her ass.Then she cry for a long time and i told her i will not tell to anybody while i say this she slap me and runaway.But by god’s grace she did not tell to the police and not come to my home for work.

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