Sandra assaulted

Sandra was watching TV and was bored. Her friend was out for a stroll, and naturally, there was nothing of interest on TV. For a time she enjoyed trying on clothes, but even that was no fun without someone there to appreciate it if she presented herself in hot, glossy PVC and leather. Now she sat there and waited, wearing only a glossy red PVC corset, bound very tight at the front, not hiding her small bosom, but lifting and highlighting it, with one leg in a long silk stocking, the other bare. The nails of her little feet and the nails of her hands were the same bright red, her lips done darker, in a sinful scarlet. Made up like this she waited for the return of her friend. Oh, what they would do then…. That thought started her fantasy that, in turn, turned her on. And then she started caressing herself while she imagined all those sweet games that they would try later. First she used her right hand to slowly circle between her warm thighs, then she took one of her nipples, by now erect, between two fingers of the other hand and started kneading it.

That brought her so much joy that her hand between her legs moved faster, no longer just circling. Faster and faster her palm drove up and down. Lustfully she closed her eyes; the show on the screen had lost its interest a long time ago… But her attention would have been captured by the shape mirrored in the screen, which had stalked up behind the couch, the soft clack-clacks of its high-heeled boots hidden by her moans. It wore a latex hood on its head, smooth over its face; only the blue eyes were left uncovered, highlighted by a red ring around them, along with the full red lips. A blonde ponytail came out of the top, falling down to the shoulders. It wore a tight fitting blouse, black and laced, vanishing in the leather trousers and seeming do be part of something larger. The breasts shining through and her fully rounded hips told the gender of the person. Even without her high-heeled boots she would be taller than the raven-haired girl who played with herself in front of her in a most private way. The other person sank down to her knees, to take something into her glossy PVC glove, carelessly forgotten here by Sandra. It was the other silk stocking. The other person, lets call her Jana, folded the stocking in the middle, and pulled it taut between both hands. She waited for a moment, a smile coming to her lips.

With a fast movement, she threw the stocking around Sandra’s neck, and pulled up, so it was like a noose around the neck of the smaller girl … Squeezing it. Sandra was so much into herself that neither she nor her body realized at first what was going on. Her hand drove on two more times while the other one clawed into the flesh of her breast because of the shock. Her eyes snapped open and became as big as saucers. Her hands went for the stocking. Gasping, she opened her mouth. Jana held the stocking tight behind Sandra’s head, allowing no chance for her scrabbling fingers to gain a handhold. Sandra started kicking with her legs and reached for the attacker’s arms, but she could get no grip on the smooth glossy PVC covering both arms. At the beginning of the struggle Sandra had lost precious time and because of that she was about to lose the whole fight. Lack of oxygen robbed her of her strength, her breathing was reduced to rattling coughs, her tongue was forced out of her mouth, and her sweet face went red.

Then she lifted her legs and stretched them apart, exposing what was between them, and then she went limp. Jana held her body upright with the stocking for a moment, then she let her sink down to the couch. After a while, Sandra returned to consciousness. She lay on the bed, and her hands were bound to the bedposts with silken cloths. Jana was standing before her, her legs apart and her hands on her hips, a smile on her face. Sandra’s legs where bound to the bedposts too, at the end of the bed, and in this position every part of her body allowed easy access while at the same time supplying a very exciting view. Jana lifted her left hand to show the instrument she held there: A little black leather paddle. She leaned forward and started to work on the inside of Sandra’s thighs to insure she was fully awake again. That was necessary to make sure she fully experienced everything to come. Sandra answered with short cries to every slap. That was so delightful to Jana that she started to stroke, with her thumb of the left hand, that place, where the sensual slit starts, while at the same time continuing with light slaps to the soft flesh.

Only short time later moisture started to glitter between Sandra’s legs. Putting aside the paddle, Jana pushed one of her smooth gloved fingers into the warm entrance of the girl. Sandra shuddered and made short broken noises. Jana rolled her finger for a time and then she pulled it back, only to push it back repeatedly. Her thumb brought the raven haired one over the threshold in no time. Sandra convulsed full of ecstasy in her bonds, the same convulsions she had made under other circumstances a short time before. With that Jana tried to sweeten Sandra’s last moments, because now the game was to start in earnest. She pulled back her hands, licked her finger, and then she picked up two things lying on the bed, hidden before from Sandra because of her bound state. One was another silken cloth, of a blood red color, the other a large clear plastic bag. Smiling, she showed both to the bound girl. Sandra’s eyes grew big and she shook her head in fear.

“No, no” she breathed, too shocked to lift her voice. Still smiling Jana went to the head of the bed and nimbly pulled the bag over the head of the smaller girl, although she tried to pull her head away and, after realizing the futility of that, she started to shake her head forcefully. But Jana kept the bag in place and with the other hand she started to wrap the cloth around the girl’s slender neck. Sandra’s breathing became faster because of her fear. She still got air, but the bag started to cling tight to her face, until the last oxygen was used up and the only thing left to suck in was plastic. Jana stood back and watched her work with a dreamy expression. She got so hot by watching that she started to play with herself. Sandra tried to cry for help, but the noise she made was dampened. Again she began to wind herself in her bounds, but for other, less tender reasons. The plastic over her mouth was lifted and sank back in an imitation of breathing, but no oxygen came in and none of the used air could leave that cage of glass. The plastic was sucked back again in the desperate attempt of the body to find traces of the much needed gas. Sandra threw her head from side to side, trying unsuccessfully to dislodge the plastic or to loosen the cloth. But it had been put into place with too much experience. Her whole body started to prickle, her lungs hurt like hell.

But again that feeling started in the lower regions of her body, which had nothing to do with the struggle of her body against her coming death, and it spread like a flame through her young body. Now her convulsions where both of struggle and lust. Her eyes widened until they looked like glittering plates, her tongue pushed forward in the fruitless attempt to burrow through the plastic, the light of her eyes got darker, in part because the bag started to film over, and in part because of the approach of death as her body began to stop its fight. Sandra lay there rigid, only her breast lifted itself and sank back down. Her body still believed that movement would get what it needed. Sandra started to see stars. The burning sensation in loins had reached its peak, but her fear of death was now overwhelming. Two times she closed her left hand to a fist and then spread the fingers wide. Jana immediately lunged for her and with dexterous fingers she opened the knot of the cloth and pulled it away. Gasping, Sandra sucked in the wished for oxygen, her skin and her slim limbs tingled like they were being pricked by a thousand needles, a feeling which nearly brought her again to a climax. While the girl still sucked in air as if it still were a thing of life and death, Jana opened Sandra’s foot bonds and after that she removed the cloth binding the girl’s left hand. Sandra now freed her left hand, pulled the hood from the head of her friend, hugged her close and gave her a long and passionate kiss.

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