First sexual experience

Now I am 30 but my first couple of homosexual experiences are always giving me a “kick”. When I was in my secondary school, even though I had an idea about sex, I was naive enough to understand the advancements. Very much later I realized the meaning of guys accidentally slipping their under my belt. First ever incident when another guy took my cock on his hand took place at Pondicherry, when I was in my 12th standard. I went to his home to copy chemistry assignment. As usual there were talks about some sexy actress, he casually put his hands over my cock and pressed and I didn’t react. Mustering his courage, after few minutes he put his hands directly inside my pant (not through the zip opening) and gave a press. I enjoyed it and it showed on my face. It was a Sunday so his family members were there. After sometime, he did the same thing again but for some extra time than previous. They left for somebody’s place (little they expected about the “chemistry” between the guys) telling us to study properly.

We finished the assignment and were chatting and watching the TV as if nothing happened. He was sitting in a single chair. After sometime I sat on the hand rest of the chair and was leaning on his shoulders. He told me to sit in another chair as the hand rest might break. With little anger, I took a novel and moved to another chair and continued with the novel. He then called me and told to sit on the same chair but on his lap. I did it and continued reading the novel.. within few seconds he started kissing on my neck, shoulder and for the first time in my life I had a French kiss. He pulled my lower lip a little bit and gave it a small bite & suck. It was a heavenly experience. He then inserted his hands inside my pant and was fondling it. I told him why not take it out. He opened the zip and took my thing out. He was holding it very tight on one hand and with another hand he was rubbing the “spear part” of my thing with rapid movement. I couldn’t stop moaning.

After this I think he felt guilty, so he went to sofa and sat with a deep silence and head down. As a gesture of consolation, I walked to his chair with my thing out, sat on his lap, took a deep stare at his eyes, started kissing his lips vociferously. He was lying with eyes closed and lips half open, indicating that he is horny. I kissed him all over, took his curved penis on hand and gave it some pecks. Then he went to toilet, hope he masturbated there, and did mine at the sofa, and for sometime we were just hugging and sitting. Looking back even though there was not much “activity”, it still gives me an exhilarating feeling as it was my first ever sexual experience.

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