First and sweaty

Hi readers. I’m Kailas from Mumbai, I’m very new to this writing story of my experience, but I’m a regular reader of ISS. I love to read stories of incest, gay, lesbian and more from here. Even though, some of them are made up, still I like to read them. Now let me get to the point. I’m going to tell a relationship of me and my friend Ashwin. I had him couple of years ago, now I’m moved on living in Pune. This is my ever gay experience of my life. I still can not forget this experience just because of Ashwin. When I was 18, I moved to Mumbai to study. I was new to everything in Mumbai, was very shy as well. First few days I felt lonely and very quite, barely spoken a word in school. Then I started to talk to talk to people in class to share information on homework’s and all that. There I met Ashwin. He was a pretty average guy in my class. He was sitting across of me. In a month or so, I and him became good friends. We were sharing homework’s, giving lesson to each other, joking around, all the stuff that would any guy in my class does. We became very close in a while.

Now let me describe him. Ashwin was a year older than me, we were in same class because he failed once, so he was repeating the whole year. He was one year older than me but his body was like 15 year old boy, short, little chubby, and a bit darker than me, yet attractive to me. I was attracted to him since the day we went to cyber cafe. He was going to have an internet call to his brother in foreign, after the call he showed me this indiansexstories, seen some porn pictures. While watching porn on the net, I realized that he cummed in his pants. I felt little weird that day, and tried to forget it. Since then I really wanted to see his cock. One day, after finishing school work, we watched some TV shows and got bored. I was seeing his beautiful body when he was not paying attention to what I was doing. Then I grabbed all my nerves and asked him.

“Have you ever seen any of your friend’s cock?” I said

“no way” said in shock

Then we continued watching TV. Then suddenly he said

“why do you ask that?” he said

“just that when we were watching porn pictures in cyber, you were sweating and really uncomfortable” I said in very low tone then he asked me

“how much your cock get increased when it’s erected?”

“8 inch, seem like it. I have never measure it” I said

“can I see yours?” I asked

“no, you don’t want to see it” he said

I pleaded him to show me his cock, when he agreed to show. I actually got ready to show him mine too. When he took out his cock from his pants,

“has anyone sucked your cock before?” I asked

“nope, have you?” he asked me the question surprisingly

“no, me neither” I said

“can I suck yours?” I gathered courage to ask him

His cock was not erected, so it was really small, and spongy as well. I loved the smell of his cock, the skin was really smooth and not hairy at all. I held his cock in my hand, a feeing of a life. It felt so delicate. Then I put it in my mouth, a feeling of a lifetime shivered through my body. In a while his cock got erected in my mouth. I started to giving him blow job. I enjoyed it. The taste of his cock was like pee but I really enjoyed it having it in my mouth. I kept sucking his cock for like 5 minutes now, he started to moan louder and louder. So I calmed myself and moved upwards toward his face and said

“hey, how was that?” I spoke seeing his lips, holding his wet cock.

“that was real good one, keep doing it”

“can I keep your lips?” I asked very quietly.

Before he said anything I grabbed his mouth my mouth. Licked his entire mouth. And then I returned back to his cock. Sucked it back again for another 4-5 minutes. Then he ejected his sperm in my mouth. I couldn’t take it because first time, it tasted weird, so spilled out him sperm from my mouth. Then I asked him if he wanted to hold my cock and masturbate. He didn’t say anything and held my cock firmly. And instead of going down towards my cock, he just masturbate it while we were kissing each other’s lips and playing with tongue. I ejected my sperm in his hand and he licked his hand and game me my sperm to taste. I did not have it but he licked little bit of my sperm from his hand. Then we put our clothes back on. We never that feeling in life. We laid down on floor for a while and agreed to do that often. Things go real crazy after, which I will post soon as possible I would appreciate your comments, feedbacks

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