Nephew and my bhabi gets naughty

Hi readers, this is Nita here, with my new exciting incident in my life, this is about lesbian experience with my bhabi, and also her experience with my nephew. This is the story where we all three had sex and my nephew help my bhabi get pregnant again after 13 years. Let me introduce to my bhabi first, she is tall, wheatish in color, her figure is 36 39 34, medium curly hair till shoulders, she wears generally Punjabi suits, and sarees. She is a typical housewife, but had a great attraction for sex, she had a very normal sex life with my brother. But I later on came to know about her attraction for sex and she is unsatisfied. We were like best friend to each other.

My family including my nephew went for a vacation to my brother’s house. We were enjoying there with each other. And on the second last day Raj fell down from the staircase while playing and was not able to stand properly, so we took him to doctor and he said that he will be cured and nothing is serious. But he has to take bed rest for 3 days. So nephew and I decided to stay here and my family went on the next day back to home. I was enjoying sex with my nephew when there was no one in home, though recommended by doctor to take rest still, but we took precaution by doing only limited sex like sucking, licking and blowjobs, fingering, that is it. As Raj was not able to walk only so I use to give him a bath daily and where we use to have fun also and sex. I use to give him blowjobs and satisfied him in the bathroom.

On Sunday my niece Natasha was not having her bath so I told her, “Natasha mein tujhe nilha deti hoon aur tujhe massage bhi kar deti hu” and she agreed and said, “ok bua phir to bahut maja aayega”. She was wearing a long skirt and I took her in bathroom and kissed her and stripped her and made her naked she was small but a beauty. First I felt her body and then I saw her pussy it was full of grown hairs, I asked her “beta tum bal nahi nikal te, tumhe acche lag te hai kya” she said, “bua I don’t know how to remove it properly aur agar lag gaya to, is liye mene mummy ko kaha tha to unhone bola ha Sunday ko kar dungi”. So I trimmed her and also touched her virgin pussy and she also liked it, I didn’t go further as she was still small and not even started her periods and I was not sure what rupa would say and react. After having bath, she told her mom that, “Bua gives a nice bath and massage and she also cleaned me” Rupa asked, “what u mean by cleaned up?” Natasha replied, “she trimmed me and removed my hair from pussy and I will always have bath by her she gives better one than u also mom,” she teasingly said to her mom. Rupa said. “ let me see how she did and asked did u got hurt?”. She checked her daughter and was happy and then called me and thanked me. Then I gave my nephew a bath and had fun, as I was hot and horny after giving a bath and seeing Natasha naked. I wanted to have his cock in me but due to little pain, he was not able to fuck me though his 7-inch cock was erect so I was still unsatisfied. I give him a blowjob and satisfied him and completed his bath.

After that I was going for a bath and I saw that rupa also entered the bathroom and I said her that, “I m going” she replied “didi I m tired and need a bath and even my body is paining so let me have some hot water bath please” I said, “I m also wet and need to have bath”(as I gave bath to Natasha and Raj). Then rupa said, “Ok let’s do one thing lets have bath together” I happily replied, “ok, I will give u a body massage also”. She agreed and we went into bathroom.

She on the tap and just touched her saree to remove it in that I said, “let me remove ur clothes and u relax” she thanked me and said “didi ur so good thank u”. She stood and I started removing her saree then blouse then petticoat then bra, I asked, “her don’t u wear panty?” she said, “no didi actually I have to remove my hairs so I removed it in the morning” and I showed there a thick bush of hairs I stunningly asked, “how come u mother and daughter don’t trim at proper time and after so much of growth, don’t u feel itchy there?” she said actually today we were going to do and so I told Natasha that I will do it properly for her, that’s why and u did good one to Natasha. I asked her, “should I do it for u?” she agreed. She said didi is ur hair cleaned I said, “yes dear it is, I have trimmed it before coming here” and I removed my gown and showed her she liked it she demanded the same. Now we both were standing fully naked just our hairs were tied with pin. I took some soap and applied it on Rupa’s pussy area and rubbed it slowly to form a lather and she moaned a little bit, I increased a speed to check whether she is horny now, then she moaned a bit louder I asked her what happened she said didi I like when u rubbed it, it was good and felt me better” I asked her teasingly, “why don’t u get fucked by my brother now?” on that she commented, “he is good for none, woh to sirf toda karte hai aur jad jate hai aur mujhe pyasi chod de te hai, mene bache ke liye kaha to woh to na kahete bole abhi nahi, kai bar to me mein fingering karke pyaas buja leti hoon, pas didi ap to bahut sunder aur fit dekti ho kya baat hai abhi bhi bahut chutwati ho kya?” I asked her should I do more to u she said yes please and I continued and I started kissing her and licking and pressing her boobs as she started getting horny and hot she also reacted same, when she touched my pussy and enter her finger she said, “didi its so loose do u still sex, I said yes and I m happy with my sex life” she asked “but it seems that u have sexed before sometime only” I said I will give u the reason later on. And that I out a finger in her pussy and she started moaning loudly and said, “didi aur karo aap to aapke bhai se accha karte ho aur ander, aur” “ah aha oh ma ah oh” she was really very tight and hot as if she was virgin still. After having a good massage and a bath we came out and dressed and she asked me again how I enjoying my life. Then I told her about me & Raj and at first she was horrified and stunt by listening this, then I explained my whole story to her (which I have written in “game leads to sex”). Then she said shying to please help her also, I said her ok and u be ready for it.

Then I said my nephew about the incident he agreed but said that after he gets recover so that he can fuck her nicely. After two days we went to doctor and he told Raj is fine but have to take some precaution and rest for 5 days more and then he will be ok. We came back and were happy, and asked Raj about rupa he replied, “Nita in night I will do but there is some condition, that rupa must be wear new saree and should properly makeup. She must do whatever she is said to be and u won’t be there unless and until I don’t call u. and I will sex with her whenever I won’t to and she must not object,” I said, “u want to do suhaagrat with her huh naughty.” I then went and said rupa all this thing she said, “don’t worry didi me use kush kar doongi, aaj meri dusri suhaagrat hogi, me use aapne taraf se sab kuch karne doongi jo woh bole ga, aaj se woh mere dusre pati”

At 8o’clock we had over dinner and then when Natasha went to sleep at 10o’clock I and rupa went into her bedroom and started dressing her and meanwhile we had some kisses and licking, fingering and then she was ready proper dressed”. She was dressed in sexy red color silky siffon saree and with a gajra in her head, with her hair tied in a sexy buckle(if u just remove the clip the hair would fall sexily which Raj likes very much). She was looking like a bride and was shying very much. I took her into the room and there was Raj waiting for her on bed, which was properly cleaned, and with new bed sheet.

Rupa went in and then I closed the door, as I was also horny and curious I was seeing it from the window. Rupa went near Raj and touched her feet as if she was his real wife, then Raj made her sit on the bed and then she sat with a ghoongta. Raj removed the ghoongta and then took her face and started kissing her face and kissed her lips and gave a nice French kiss. She also responded and then Raj started removing her saree and then all her clothes and then he told her to suck his cock but she objected first as it was her first time but after that, she agreed. Then Raj took her and entered her pussy with fingers, she started moaning and then Raj took his 7 inch cock and entered rupa pussy and it was so tight that rupa screamed, “oh ma mar gayi please nikal lo ise” but Raj gave her few more strokes and finally fully went in. she was now bleeding a bit and was screaming a bit with pain, but she liked it a lot he then removed her hair clip and played with her hairs, then he took his hairs and pulled and fucked her in doggy style and penetrated her more and more from back, she use screamed a lot in pain and moan also in pleasure.

When Raj said her to fuck her ass, she said no it would be too much pain and I wont allow u, Raj forced her and tried to enter her but rupa shouted and called me then I explained Raj to it next time. Raj then agreed and fucked her mouth and pussy full night. And as she was about to come Raj gave her more strokes. Raj cummed in her cunt for three to four times in whole night and rupa was fully exhausted. She cummed for six to seven times. Later I also joined them. Raj had taken Viagra so he fucked us so many times. Rupa was like fainted now, she was not able to walk properly.

Raj next morning fucked her and cummed. She was happy with it then now onwards Raj and rupa use to sex whenever they wanted in house at any time when there was no one. She was happy, as she was satisfied now, we also carried our lesbian sex. She use to bath with Raj and sex in bathroom. She was glowing now. She missed her first periods. So she told that when my brother will come she will force him to sex with her. In mean time, Raj fucked her all over the house all the day by taking Viagra and made her pussy a double roti and even changed her figure. She had blue lines, spots and love bites all over her body.

After 5 days fun we went back to over home. And after 9 months we went back to meet rupa as she was going to deliver a child. She was there in loose gown and Raj wanted to fuck her in his ass. First, she refused but Raj forced so se said ok but once only now.

Then in bathroom they went she was standing and Raj took his cock and tried to enter but it was too tight, then rupa screamed and said can’t we do later after I deliver the child but Raj said no and she then applied some oil and anyhow enter her body, she was screaming in pain holding me. Raj slapped her many times pulled her hair and was fucked in her ass so badly her stomach was going up and down, later on she was enjoying it a lot.

She had sex in hospital also, and then finally she delivered a child and due to pregnancy, she had lost her shape of body. Then now we both had sex with Raj when nobody was there, and we use drink her milk, she use to say no as then what would baby drink, but as I assured her she let us. But now she do not disagrees for anything, Raj fucked her ass nicely and she also liked. She even rape me and made Raj to pull my hair fuck me like Randi, she made him fuck me in pussy and ass, (the anal sex was very painful as we were don’t doing it regularly), she said I m happy seeing u in this condition, I also got exhausted. We gave Raj blowjobs, suck his cock and had fun.

Finally, she thanked us for making her mother one more time. Now whenever she came we had sex and even we both did lesbian experience and bath together.

So, I hope u would have liked this incident, hope u must have shag and fingered you and must have cummed number of times. Mail me ur comments about the incident and tell me the number of times u cummed. Person want to contact me can mail me at Soon I will be back with new story and incidents of my life. Keep mailing me. ok bye and take care.

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