My first attempt with my sister

Hi, this is my first story; I am a new guest to this site. I read a story today and also I decide to share my first experience to you all. My story is a loveliest one and this is real story.

I am 21yrs old this incident is happened at before 3yrs that is my twelfth standard school life. At that time, I was very disturbed by sex feelings. But before that incident, I do not have any habit about sex (with my hand or any others). My sister is at her college final year.

She is wheat brown color and she is not a slim body but very attract others. Height is 5.4 and she is 23yrs old. In night I am and my sister is sleep at the bed in a room and my mom and dad is sleep at the another one, some time I see she use her hands and push in her chest but at that time I don’t any thing about and no other doubt about her, one day night I was very mad, my cock is stand and show like a rod, that is the first time I put my hand in my cock just I touch I was feel like current shock, and slowly push it and move my hand up and down that is the first time a current passing in my body, after a 15 minutes I don’t control myself.

I want to cover anybody I took my pillow and put it in my chest and I around in the bed, at that time my hand is slightly touch in my sister boobs, suddenly I take my hand, I saw my sister she wore nighty it is very nice and the night lamp show the mango(boobs) very sex. But I was thinking about the softness, because I don’t about that, I want to touch that but some fear is in my mind, slowly move my hand and put one finger in right side of the mango(boobs), my finger is really enjoy that and also put the another two fingers in that I feel very sexy, finally I decide to catch the boobs, slowly put my hand in the boobs, that is very soft and stiff, I like that slowly I push that like the auto horn, and also watch my sister, she is sleeping well, finally I became brave put my both hands and play it in.

After few minutes, some liquid comes from my cock at that time I was flying in the sky, in that feeling I push her boobs very fast and hard suddenly she remove my hand and getup from bed. I am afraid and acting to sleep. My sister sit in the bed few minutes and drunk little water and again come to bed, that time she is very close to me, but I am very afraid. So I turn around and sleep. After 1 or 2 hours my cock is disturb me I getup from bed and watch my sister, she turn around and show her back to me that angle is make me a mad I want to touch her back, slowly move my hand and touch it, it also very soft and very big when compare to hip, and move my hand into her leg and slowly move the nighty into up I see my sisters leg and the pussy I am very horny after seeing that, I near my sister and covered by my hand at that time my cock is touching in her puzzy, slowly I moving my hip, my hand is push her boobs, that time my sister is watching me I saw that, but don’t remove my hand and body, slowly come near his face and give a kiss in her lips, that time she slightly put her hand into my back, I know she is also very horny. So I go above and kiss in her chin and neck, that time her hand put in my hand and push it to her chest that time she give a sound ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I was very happy, because of her permission, she suddenly get around and kiss in my face, lips, chest and cover my body very hard, that time I feel my bones are broken, but I like that, and I am also cover her body very tight, she don’t stop the kiss rain. I catch her head and watch her lips and kiss it that time I really taste the lips of her sister but my sister really enjoy it because she bite my lips some bloods flow from my lips. But I don’t care about it now I am take action remove my dress and she also remove her dress, I am saw my sis nude, she is very beautiful, and kiss her body full and catch her nipples by my mouth and act as a baby (marbai sappa arampithen) my sister moaning yaahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh come on da, come fast push the another one she put her hand in my head and push it.

After few minutes I kiss in her utters that time a liquid flow from it I know she is at the end, I drunk the liquid and she take my cock and put it to her mouth, she suck it ( like a choco stick ice-cream) suddenly she put my cock into her hole and she say start to act, I move front and back, my cock goes into her hole and come out at that time my sister bite my shoulder and moaning, ahhhhhhhh sssssssssss ammmmaaaaaaaa aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhha aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhha fasta idi da ininum vegama, vegama idi. After 15 mins I come to the final stage and get my cock in her hole she take it and put her mouth and drunk the juice of mine.

This is the my first experience (original), pls send ur comments to my mail id Next time I meet with my second experience with an aunty near my home.

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