Finally I got mom

Incest had never occurred in our small family. The summer began like usual, college was out and my two weeks vacation in New Delhi with my friends was up, I would be heading back Chennai to live with my Mom and Granny at home for the remainder of summer. I was looking forward to seeing them, my first year of college was tough being away from home, and since my dad passed away when I was little, I had always been close to my mother and granny. We would go on trips together like to Goa and mom is going to give me a researcher job at her brother’s office to make some money this summer vacation.

My mom is 43 and my mom’s mother my granny is 62; I am 21 we lived in a two storied building. It is situated in a small village in south India In our Culture Incest is a very dead sin. So I never think about that, we all are religious addicted. In every week, we attend or arrange prayer meetings and in our home, we pray more than one hour every day.

The days pass as usual One hot summer evening time I am in my room my room is upstairs granny was out for visit some one her friend I and mom alone she is in her bedroom it is down floor. I have a collection of pornography books, which take from my college hostel New Delhi. In that porno’s I like the incest Stories mostly I like mom and son Incest Stories. Why I like it?

I do not know Why I like Incest stories especially mom and son incest. I read one of my favorite Incest stories it is come a propos in Europe. A widowed mom like my mom and her son make their fantasies. I got hard on my short pant. I slowly remove my pant and rub it and watch my cock I think it is 9.5 inches long and 3.2 inches thick monster I lost my virginity at New Delhi There my friends once introduced me a Nymphomaniac35 aged Lady. She is a sex addict she is married also have a son and a daughter but she can’t control her sexual feelings so she rummage around young studs like us. I every so often visits her guesthouse (there she receives her partners) She like my huge cock she once told me that she ever saw any cock bigger than mine so she shortly enough her feels when I fucks her, she fully satisfaction with her needs. I very contented about my huge cock.

After finished the story I want to masturbate so I went to the bathroom and I looked my monster and shake its skin back and forth it feels me good in my thoughts that story comes but that story moms face is like my moms face I want to remove my moms face from my mind as the porno mom But this time brain fully cover the incest virus and it show me the story mom as my mom and in that story happens in my home I robotically stopped and I want to see my mom what she doing now it is curious to me.

I slowly go the down floor to my moms room her bedroom door is not closed I peeped in the key hole she is on her bed and she read our language periodicals and I also saw her legs vaguely wide and her white legs show me a new feelings but I try to look her inner part can’t see her inner part. I slowly rub my cock and shake it I want to cum when her legs appear in my eyes. My hands moved very fast. I feels my cum will come very soon So I stopped and went to my bathroom and fantasies my moms legs and I dreamed her nude body. My hot cum spurt in to the closet and I washed my cock and my hand.

After the masturbate I lay on my bed Suddenly I knew what am I do when I masturbate whose naked body was I am dreamed. Oh! It is dead sin my god. Forgive me! Oh! God!

At times, I feel troubled, because even after my best efforts, I am not able to get rid of my incestuous feelings towards my mom. When it started, I was shocked, and I was in continuous state of self-bashing. I spent numerous nights crying with disgust, cursing myself for my perverted thoughts. I prayed to God to help my. Repeatedly, I resolved to overcome my depraved emotions.

However, I know that I am fighting a losing battle. My incestuous thoughts remained very potent and after every brief stint of remorseful abstinence, the fantasies came back more strongly, overwhelming even my toughest resolve.

I am aware of the risks; my actions could bring on my family and in particular to myself. I know very well what could happen if my momma came to know about my feelings. My family life would be ruined permanently, and I might become a pariah for rest of my life.

Yet, I am not able to do away with my incestuous thoughts. Probably, I enjoy dreaming about my mom, and I think that I am slowly being accustomed to live with my thoughts. The sense of shame and guilt is slowly receding and I must admit that I am more than wiling to succumb to the forbidden temptation. I have given up my resistance, and now I enjoy my lewd thoughts about my own mom.

After few days Now, I regularly fantasize about mom while masturbating.

It is a Sunday we all are went to church and Granny stayed there some Prayer meeting or something Mom and me return to home when we reach home mom told me she has some back pain form yesterday evening. I said her shall I massage her back to day She agreed that is cheerful to me it is a chance to touch her body. So I went to my room and changed my clothes take a balm then go to my mom’s room With dirty thoughts in my head, she also changed her dress but she now wearing her sari (Indian women mostly wear 5 meter clothe) She lay on her bed and when I get in her room she turned her back and change the sari from her hip a little bit down her buttocks I saw buttocks top. She told me Son my back just below my hip there it suffer me I take some cream and it pasted on my one hand and Slowly it apply on her pain endure position. She feels it better and she moaned.

I bit by bit touches her buttocks top it is very nice to see pink colored and very huge ass cheeks she have I noticed it when she walks it snigger under her sari it is getting hard so many times I saw that. I started to get tingly feelings. My strong arms slowly went up brushing against her buttocks. My sexual controls are comes out and my hands hardly press her big ass cheeks and my one finger is touches her ass channel I think she likes it she not hesitate my movements. My hands some enter her sari and she wear a panty also I entered between its stretch. She bend her hip it is helpful to enter my hand in her panty and this time my one hand is fully touches of her buttocks and I pinched it hardly, pressed like horn and she slowly turn to me. Our eyes med instantly. I did not want it to seem like I was excited but It was so hard to hide my thrill.

Son! “What are you doing are you massage?” Or” what the hell are you doing?”

Suddenly I stopped what I am doing. Sorry mom!

“Ok son do it as you like. Just a second I do not believe what I am; hear from my own Mother I surprised.

Then she turns to me and tells

“You don’t understand. I love you, but I do not love you as a son. My love for you is much more than that.” I am glad to hear that. Oh! God what is I hear from my own mom! Unbelievable.

This time daring is increased. I pulled her sari below her waist now I can see her big ass cheek nakedly My fully erected cock is touches her hip my mouth full is saliva filled I gulped it… She again said I know it is a sin, and is morally wrong, when a son touches his own mother’s ass with his dirty mind. However, I like you son.

“I love you too mom, I said her and hardly pressed and pinched her ass and my one finger is now touché s her cunt hole that tingling her body shaken. She looks me and said naughty that is not your place. Oh! Moms I want see you naked. Oh! It is not horny it is not ethical. I am your mom you do not think like me other woman.

Oh! Mom only once I want to see your naked body Horny it is sin do not compel me. However, I want to see her body. I compelled her finally, she agreed. Then she stood up from bed and slowly removed her sari and her beautiful belly is very nice to see I never see her exposed belly it feels my cock as a shivering I hided my hands on my cock but she noticed it and asked me honey are hurt in your pants if you hurt remove that’s. I wondered she asked me to me also undressed. I removed my under pants and T-shirt I am only with my brief she is now only her under skirt and blouse. She looks me I ordered her remove all mom She untied her skirt that go down OH! MOM! “God.” I thought…holding my breath… my heart began pounding heavily in my chest. I just could not believe what I was witnessing.

My fantasy woman was standing in front of me I could see her delicate curves; her big boobs…the darks erect teats and what a structure is her huge thighs are like two white marble pillars. In addition, between them. I could see right in between her legs. Her black silk panties, barely covering her large pussy, were clearly visible to my gaping eyes. One side of her underwear was moved over a little, and I could make out a tasty looking bit of fleshy labia. Her mount it appears like a saucer over her panty. My cock was fighting for release as it grew to its full, pulsing length. I wished now that I could have sucked that lip into my mouth. However,–after a minute of deliberation–I decided I could do something else, something that would not be too wrong. I know she is my own mom it is very big sin. But I moved towards her she closed her eyes with her both hands I slowly pull her panty downwards it is very beautiful her black thick hair covered cunt she don’t pause me and I think she wants something from me so go ahead her legs up and I and I removed her panty from her legs now she wear only her blouse. Unbelievable seen is this. My hard cock is anytime explored in my brief so I released it from my brief. It gets full strength but my mom is now closed her eyes so she will not see my monster.

Mom I whisper her ear. She adjust her hand look me she saw my big monster ooooh son! You have a big one. I never thinks you have this much. Her eyes wide when my big cock see. Do you like mom! “yeahhhh!” She panted!

She almost silence before asking, “What do you want me to do?”

I want you mom! I want all of you!

“It’s not possible.” Words came with difficulty from her mouth. “We can’t do that…it’s wrong.”

“It is very sin you now?”

“I know mom but also know you also want this A m I right mom!

“But…but…” She looked at me nervously. Her heart began to beat faster as I moved closer to her. “You know that’s not possible. I am your mother. We can’t do that.”

A m I right mom! What I tell you!

She gaze me but nothing speak I am assure that mom you need something from your lovely son A m I correct. I closed to her

“No…no…!” She resisted feebly. “Please don’t do this.”

“You like it mom…!” He whispered in her ear. “You love my hand on your cunt…you want me to fuck you.”

“No…! No…! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!” Her mind warned her to stop me before it was too late, but her body responded to my lascivious touches…she could feel her pussy began dripping with lust. Then I looks between her thighs moved towards there I didn’t waste any time; I slipped my hand up along the inside of her bare thighs causing her body tremble from my erotic touch. I stroked her pussy feeling the clearly perceptible wet area in front of her crotch.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh…! Yes,”

“Does it feel good, mommy?” He whispered lewdly while fucking her cunt with his finger. “You like my finger in your cunt?”


“And you want me to fuck you?”

She looked directly in his eyes.

“You want me to talk dirty.”

She Just stopped me and tells wait honey do not here lay on bed. Ok mom I agreed. I made her lay on the bed kissed on her lips towards her stomach I licked her navel and then moved towards her cunt. The site of my Mom was driving me crazy. I had a good look at her hairy pussy I put my finger on her hairy pussy rubbed it separated her pussy lips and planted a kiss over there. I started to lick her pussy she is wet and her juice is flowing I licked her pussy juice it is tasty. She starts to moan.

“Well, are you goanna come over here and make Mommy cum, She asked me ashamedly.

“Wow yeah I m going to come all over your face you mother fucker,” she screamed

I wondered I never think she spoke these like dirty words I know she is on her lustful mood She need a hard fuck

You’re gorgeous mommy…just gorgeous.”

She turned scarlet. She felt ashamed standing so exposed in front of her son, but simultaneously she felt a great tingling feeling between her thighs.

“aah aah Yes yes that feels good lick it lick it hard”

She keeps on moaning and that made me hornier

“Lick it hard makes me cum aah aah does it for me.”

I teased her clitoris with my tongue I sucked it bite it smoothly. I started to tongue fuck her pussy.

“Ahh come on Son tongue fuck me I can’t hold any more”

I wanted her so bad now, I wanted to feel her cum on my face and I wanted to drink up all her hot juices. I slide my tongue in deeper and deeper thrusting it in and out quickly, hearing moms moan and scream with pleasure as her legs wrapped tightly around my head. I squeezed her ass with my hands as I pulled her tighter against my mouth and I realized her big ass size. Suddenly I could feel her arch her back and her pussy muscles tightened around my tongue and she started gushing sweet delicious cum onto my face. I tried to drink it down the best I could but it was too much and some of it rolled down my chin and onto my chest.

Then I started licking her ass cheeks. I worked so hard to make. She could feel my teeth chewing on the skin, it hurt her but it felt so good to her. I started using my hands then, kneading her big ass cheeks while my tongue ran up and down the crack. Finally, I stuck my tongue near her asshole and spread her cheeks apart with my hands. I traced a circle with my tongue around the hole and She could feel her pussy contract. I must have known it would take a little more to make her cum again so I stuck my tongue in her ass hole. She never felt anything like it, and it was barely a minute of feeling my tongue swim around in her anus that She started to her second cum.

“Oh fuck, Son that feels so good!” She shouted as her cum started to fall to the bed. I have sensed She was cuming because I quickly stopped tonguing her asshole and started lapping up her hot pussy juice. I drank half of it down, and let the rest of it cover my face.

There is her Big ass cheeks fascinating me I madly need it for fuck. Therefore, I told her “Mom You has a great ass and I would love to fuck it”. “Do it honey what ever you want” She replied so I got some butter from the kitchen, lube her ass. She was on her hands and knees with her ass sticking up. Her round ass cheeks were pointing toward the ceiling. I licked along the crack of her ass, and she spread her legs wide in invitation to my searching tongue. . She moaned loudly and bucked her hips in response, as my tongue circled around her puckered asshole. “OH YES! Mmm, that feels so good.”

Then she felt a new sensation, higher. I spread her huge ass cheeks apart and She could feel my huge cock try to enter her asshole.

Don’t son…don’t…it’s too big.” However, I was insistent

It hurt like nothing She has ever felt before, and I was not even in an inch yet. I asked her if she wanted me to stop since she was already crying from the pain. She said, “Fuck no, and just go a little slower.” Therefore, I went slower. I pushed forward gently, and the first inch of my cock was buried in mom’s vice-like rectum. Mom gasped sharply and tried to pull away, but she was pinned to the bed beneath her. It hurt, but it was a delicious, erotic pain. The thought of what I was doing to her made her pussy tingle. “Please be gentle son,” she whispered hoarsely.

“I will.” she felt me reach underneath her, and I began to fondle her pussy, stimulating her, as I ever so carefully pushed my penis into her ass, slowly, almost imperceptibly. My fingers frigged her, working their magic on her clitoris, exciting her, until she was aching with desire. She pushed her ass against me, encouraging me to continue my anal probing. She could feel my penis push deeper, painfully, but the pain was lessening. She buried her face in the sheet and moaned with passion, lusting over the feel of me taking her like this, and through it all, The gloriously hard and throbbing penis burrowed deeper, impaling her, and I rubbed her erect clitoris beneath her. “Oh God…Oh son…yes,” she hissed. She clutched at the sheets and arched her back, pushing back against me. “Fuck my ass…” she groaned.

Suddenly, the final inches of my manhood thrust into her rectum in one smooth motion. “OH GOD!” she cried through clenched teeth. “YES! YES! Fuck me!” In addition, my penis was thrusting in and out, the pain subsiding, as I worked her clitoris and asshole to a fever pitch. She pushed back against me, wanting me…NEEDING me to fuck her ass.

Mom’s asshole was like a vice around my throbbing cock, and she pushed against me like a wanton slut. However, I wanted mom to come one more time. I grit my teeth, trying to delay my climax, and focused my efforts on mom’s soaking-wet clit. I rubbed it furiously, stimulating her, willing her to come with me.

Mom cried out with pleasure. My fingers were bringing her to another orgasm. She felt her clit tingling with pleasure, the sensation spreading to her pussy, her asshole. She bucked her hips feverishly, matching my strokes. Her orgasm was approaching…I was hitting just the right spot. “YES! YES! YES! Right there Son…YES! OH GOD! FUCK ME SON! OHHHH!” A powerful orgasm washed over MOM as I slammed my cock deeply into her, and we coming together, writhing against one another, as we cried out in ecstasy. Mom screamed with pleasure, her orgasm coursing through her entire body. I was pistoning rapidly in and out of her ass, shooting my warm sperm deep into her rectum. “GOD FUCK ME!” she cried. She buried her face in the sheets, groaning loudly as her body pulsated and trembled.

Finally, I collapsed on top of her sweaty body, gasping for air. I lay there for a moment, and then rolled to her side, gently taking her with me, My cock still hard and twitching inside her warm asshole. We lay glued together on our sides, luxuriating in the warmth of our climax. Mom sighed contentedly as she slowly came back to earth. I had my arm around her, idly caressing her breasts, nuzzling her earlobe. She could feel my penis inside of her rectum, beginning to soften, and my sperm was leaking out of her asshole, tickling her as it ran down her thigh.

After some times she asked me, “Do you want a drink son?”

”No mom”! I replied

However, mom it is time to another play do you want my cock in your pussy. Oh! Son sure I need your heat in my pussy. Take it and fill me up She said like whore. With that, she kissed me the most passionate kiss she had ever given anybody I feel to the lounge and we kissed and hugged for half hour then I started to play with her large breasts I rolled her nipples they where very erect like bullets. My cock was going a mile a minute I slowly moved down and began to tease her when she said stop I was confuse but still had the rock between thighs she grabbed my head and pulled me up and said

“Foreplay gets me all wet come here and play with your new toy”

I came up picked her up bye the waist and jumped on the bed she pined my arms to the bed. She had one leg on ether side of me and started to lick my nipples she let go of my shoulders and she slid down. Then her hungry eyes saw her sons cock for the first time she almost fainted. It was 9.5 inches of steel meat she just gasped she grabbed it in one hand and moved up and down she moved up and in one swift move took more the half of my cock in her mouth my head went back have I felt her mouth tighten around my cock. I was drifting on another plain while she bobbed on the huge piece of meat after awake but not long, I could feel I was going to shoot. It was an extremely intense orgasm I shot and shot and shot mom tried to take it all but was unable to she came up off me and said.

“Was that good or was that good,” she said with a smirk

“That was fucking orgasm,” I said with my eyes rolled back in my head.

She whipped her mouth and kissed my cock was still hard

“Wow what a young healthy young man you are not many men can keep it up after one of those blow jobs,” she said

“Well finish me off then I deserve it” I said

Mom lined my cock up and in one swift move took my whole cock in her wet soapy cunt her cunt is fit for my huge prick She bounced up and down on me for a while letting me play with her tits. Soon I rolled her over on her back and put her legs up on my shoulders I was getting close to coming again when I asked.

“Mom where do you want me to put my juice?” I asked

With my mother under me rolling like crazy, She yelled out.

“Oowww blooww in me you big ass cunt shot with all your might make me feel you deep inside me.

“Please, please cum in me. I want you to fill me. I want to feel it.” I will comeeeeing now ssooooooooon ooooooooh! Son it comeeeeeeing ssssshhhm arrrrr imm cumming”

With that, I went for my life all of my mother’s cunt muscle retraced I exploded as my mother did and shot her com all down my legs. I shot all my cum deep inside of her then I fell on her exhausted as she was to I lay on her chest as she stroked through my hair.

“Mom you are so fucking hot in bed I love you mom,” I said

“I love you to Hun”

We lay there until we feel asleep and we both stayed together for the rest of our holidays. In addition, we would always have each other when we wanted and saw each other.

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