Fantasy came true

I have been recently started reading stories on ISS were fascinated to see the real hot stories put up by you all. Inspired by this I wanted to put a real story of my own which happened four years back but still the memory of it make me horny and turn me on. Actually this was my fantasy, which came true. This was not different from the fantasies of my other friends who love watching there wife fucked by a stranger. Since time ago this was my fantasy to see my wife have other cock in her pussy, the feel of it only made me very hot and I had a hard on my tool. I have changed the name in my story.

My name is Manav I am 35 year old my wife is 31 her name is Neha she is pretty sexy and hot her figure is 38d 30 40. We have two kid one was not born at the time I am narrating you this story. I used to discuss my fantasy with Neha she uses to tell me that I am crazy to think like that. During our sex sessions I ask her thing that some one else is fucking her though she did not paid a heed to it.

In due course my wife asked me that she wants to start of some mlm business for which I gave my concern she was happy with it. She started going in their meetings and functions some time when I was in town I used to drop her or pick up from the venue. Some times she asked me also to accompany her in those meetings which were full of fun and excitement since I do not hold much of interest she does not asked me further but when over she asked I used to accompany her. During these visits only I realized that one gentleman taking very much interest in my wife and during meetings she use to have eyes on my wife’s sexy boobs and volupotus round hips. I can very well read lust he has got for her. He was introduced to me, as Dr. Kabir he was fair tall wearing frame less glasses his personality was like that any woman would adore. I could also read the feelings in the eyes of my wife but she does not want to reveal any thing to me. It was ok to me. During night I asked her about dr. Kabir that he is very smart and I would love to see him fucking her she again told me that I am crazy and has got sex in my mind every time but I know that I had made it in her mind it was relevant from the fucking she gave me that night. I have seen a change in her that she is now properly dressed up she stated wearing decent colorful sexy lingerie blouses which reveal her cleavage well.

After her venturing in mlm activity every and now and then she used to get call from Kabir she would grab the mobile and used to chat for quite long time after that she use to tell me he was explaining her how to expand her business etc. I also gave her space so that she can chat easily as I was feeling to get my fantasy coming true. In the mean time during our fucking session I used to talk about Kabir that it would be a real pleasure if she gets her cock in her pussy and as usual she used to brush me on this. Once she told me that she has to go down to Kabir’s clinic for some discussion. She got dressed up in tight jeans and red tight top with low neck, which reveal her cleavage. We went down to his clinic he was alone and was doing some work on the comp seeing us his eyes glittered and he passed on the comment on my wife that she is looking very sexy today we sat down they started chatting about there business I stated reading magazine lying in his table to watch what they were doing and they should feel that I am not putting any head to them. I can well see the expression coming and going on my Neha and kabir’s face. Neha has infect pulled her chair close to kabir’s revolving chair now they were sitting very close to each other some time they giggled I kept aloof of there discussion I excused them for getting a puff of cigarette and came out of the clinic and told that I will be back after some time.

After coming out I went to a pan shop lit a cigarette and started smoking it was dark outside and shops were closing in the complex after 20 minutes when shops adjacent to clinic was closed I went near to clinic and tried to peep from the vanishing blind I was happy to see that now they were sitting very close and Neha was holding kabir’s hand which was resting on her sexy thighs he too was enjoying after that Neha took his palm and kept between both of her palms and softly kissed on them I was already hot I started stroking my dick after that kabir put his mouth close to Neha and softly kissed her she also reciprocated the same there legs were touching each other I was enjoying the site realizing that I may come she again pulled back her chair to the original position and started chatting to him. Now I made my entry into the clinic and kabir asked me that we should come to his house and as he want to give some important tapes to Neha. He closed his clinic and sat in his car I too followed him we reached his house with in 15 minutes. It was a bungalow type house with beautiful garden in front of it.

After reaching his house I discovered that he is living alone though he is married but his wife has gone to his parent’s house. We sat there for a while he brought some cassettes and gave it to Neha. He made some tea for us he excused himself and went inside for a change after changing he came with his Bermudas in which his bulge was clearly visible to me, after taking tea. I asked him were is the toilet as my stomach is upset he showed me the way I went inside and stated looking for some peeping hole in the door which I soon found from were the sofa was clearly visible were they were sitting. I saw kabir came near to Neha and took her face in between her both palms and stated kissing passionately to her she too was giving her full hearted support seeing this my tool became erect I started jerking it they were smooching there tongues exploring each others mouth this was continued for at least 15 minutes I had masturbated and my semen was spurred on the door and then I washed my dick and door and made the noise of opening of door.

They were on there places back and started chatting as if nothing has happened I too showed that every thing is normal and asked Neha that we should leave now. Sitting in my car now I was confident very soon my fantasy is coming to be true and kabir would not leave Neha bina chode hue. In car I asked her if kabir kissed her she bluntly refused and told me that he does not hold any interest. I was so horny after that after coming to home I again masturbated thinking kabir fucking my sweet heart’s pussy. In night I could realize that Neha was still hot and she gave me a nice fuck and as usual I asked him won’t she like kabir’s cock in her pussy she laughed and repeated same that I am crazy but from bottom of my heart I knew and feel Neha is dying heart to get kabir cock in her pussy.

Next day when I was going on my job Neha gave me tiffin and asked me that I should give it in kabir’s clinic as he is alone. I was happy that they are coming close for next three four days I used to drop tiffin at kabirs clinic while returning I used to collect back one day kabir remarked that Neha is a very good cook and he love to eat the dishes prepared by her he also asked me that what I was doing today late evening as she want Neha and me to come to his house as she has to give some documents and discuss certain things with her. I told him that my friend is coming from outstation and I could drop Neha to his place and collect her when they are free from their job. I saw that he got delighted. In evening I came home in evening by 7.30 pm Neha told me that we have to go down to kabir’s house as she has got some work she told me that we can leave the kid with my mother as he often disturb her work.

My heart stated throbbing high as I knew today may be the day of my dream. I told Neha also that my friend is coming and I can drop her to kabirs place and then I will be busy with my friend till late hearing this she told me that she has got only a hour work there and then if required kabir can drop her I told her that she don’t have to come with kabir in night as my mother will feel it awkward I will come and pick her up I can well feel her eye glowing. Neha started getting ready to kabirs place she took up bath shampooed her hair and put sexy red lingerie I had bought from Bangkok I can well see her sexy body which was perhaps being waxed in preparation. She put seducing deodorant on her body massaged her body with moisturizer and then put on red sleeveless salwar suit with low neck and deep back she put some matching nail polish and lipstick which was making her dam sexy that day. I was behaving very normal as my any of the comment can hamper my dream coming true. We drove down to kabir’s house it was 9.30. I parked my car out side kabirs house. The house carried the deserted look as the light outside was off. We rang up the call bell kabir came out welcomed us we went inside he was wearing black t-shirt and Bermuda he too was looking good in black t-shirt as his color of his skin was very fair.

We sat there for some time then I told them I have to collect my friend and we will be going to club for drink and then on my return I can take Neha with me. Neha asked me how much time it will take I told her that it is 9.45 pm already and it will take me at least 2 hours to come back she told me that I can return in three hours she don’t mind but I should not take drinks much with my friend. I hugged her kissed her in front of kabir she also kissed me then I came out. Kabir came along with me as if he wants to sure that I am leaving his house. I sat in my car left the place. Now the biggest problem I had to were to park my car soon I saw closed shop I parked my car outside, this place was perhaps 200 meters from kabirs house. After that I started walking towards kabirs house the street had a deserted look. After reaching kabir’s house now I have to make an entry into the house in such a way that gate does not make any noise. I opted to play safe the boundary of kabir house was not very high so I managed to climb up like a cat and got landed up in his garden which was surrounded by beautiful planters. I saw drawing room light was on and now I have to find a place from were I could peep inside to get a view what is happening inside. My heart was bouncing like any thing it was very hard to control my heart beat at that time. I managed to find out that I can see the entire room from the window which was on the left side of the room as curtain didn’t covered the entire window and I was also safe as there was black out there and I can have a fantastic view of the room. I stated peeping till now almost 20 min have passed but they didn’t have made much of progress barring that now neha’s chunni was not on her body she was looking stunning.

They were sitting closely caressing each other slowly kabir pulled her towards her and they stated smooching there tongues exploring each others mouth while smooching kabirs hand were fondling nehas hair this smooching scene continued for at least 15 min she never done with me like that after that slowly kabir took neha’s kurta out of her body now she was in her sexy red designer brassier and her paizama kabir slowly kissed her above the brassier stated kissing on her neck this had made Neha hot kabir continued kissing her on neck and with one hand fondling her boobs he elevated the brassieres now her water melons were hanging out with dark brown nipples erect as if inviting kabir to lick them but perhaps he was enjoying more kissing her on the neck and fondling her nipples with his hand suddenly he put his mouth on one of the tit and chewed it badly Neha shouted aouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu chhhhhhhhh she too chewed kabir ear he screamed lightly and they rolled on each other on the sofa.

My cock was very hard and I was jerking it badly now kabir opened up neha’s paizama and put it on sofas back now she was in her panty and the brassieres kabir turned to her back and unhooked the brassieres making neha’s water melons completely free till now I had masturbated as I can not hold till now they were not in a hurry Neha pulled kabir’s t-shirt out seeing his hairy chest broad shoulders which I know was her weakness she stated kissing on his chest she bite his nipples that made him scream. Now they were enjoying every moment of that night. Kabir went inside the kitchen and brought some fruits and a bottle of French red wine he pored it in two glasses and offered one to Neha. She stated drinking it I was surprised to see Neha consume it as she never had any hard drink of what so ever after taking she asked for one more glass of it after that she pulled kabir Bermudas down now he was only with his v shaped underwear which she lowered with her hand and took out kabir’s cock seeing which her eyes flattered he has got a long and thick cock perhaps 7, 71/2 inch long and 2.5 inch thick and stated licking it slowly. I know she was expert in this art though she does not licked mine much because she do not like the cum to swallow and I used to cum soon when she licks in her wild ways. I know she will make kabir crazy if he can hold she started rotating her tongue on his glance penis slowly taking his dick inside her mouth and releasing it and she was repeating it in a very rhythmic way abir was in real ecstasy moaning slowly I was very hot my dick was erect again it seemed I will come again, even when kabir has not stated fucking my whore.

Now she pulled his kabir’s underwear out of his legs and stated taking his balls inside her mouth her tongue moving in every area of the cock and licking it kabir had a solid stamina he was enjoying his cock and balls licked for so long kabir was fondling her boobs and squeezing her erect tits. Moved his hand on her back and smooth sexy hips she too enjoying every touch of kabir. Kabir pulled out her panty now both of them were star naked it seemed that some porn movie is going in front of my eyes. This was the second time I have cum. They both chatted for 2 3 minutes and then kabir went inside and put on the light of his bed room came back he gave one more drink to Neha so as to prepare her for the final round and took her in hand kabir has a strong physic Neha loved to be lifted like that she kissed Neha on her for head then on her checks then both of them disappeared from the room. I know they have moved to the bed room now I was in a trouble as to how to continue my peeping I already have come twice but still my dick was not ready to sit down. I managed to find out a place to peep it was gap in the ac fitting from were the room was visible I thanked god for that for letting my see my whore fucked by kabir. She was lying nude kabir too was nude he put on some porn movie on the DVD. He had a large screen TV in his bedroom. His bedroom was real seductive with fantastic light arrangements and beautiful bright colors on the wall. He brought the bottle of red French wine from his drawing room and offered her one more drink by now Neha was like red hot iron and she emptied the glass in a single sip.

Kabir lied with her fondling her boobs and taking her tits in her mouth one by one and he was also squeezing her boobs very hard his hand rolled over all nehas body. He asked Neha to put one leg on him so that he can fondle his sexy smooth hips. He kept on squeezing his hips, which she loves most and it really turns her on. Now he made her lie straight and then he put his finger in nehas pussy, which must be watering like any thing, and started rotating it Neha was moaning in pleasure. He kept fingering her cunt and vibrating her clitoris for some time after that he took out the finger from his pussy and he asked her to lie inverted he took out olive oil bottle from the wardrobe and stated dropping oil all over her body shoulder to his waist then to her sexy super smooth hips which I love most to her sexy thighs lower part of the leg. Each drop of the oil was turning her on as he was dropping the oil from the height. Now slowly he stated massaging her he stated from her shoulder massaged them thoroughly then he moved on to her waist then to her sexy gand which he massaged for pretty long time in the mean time he had kissed many times and bite her twice on her gand.

Neha was in heaven she had never such a long fucking session with me. Now he asked Neha to turn around she turned around. By the time I had the third cum I can’t explain you the state of my mind that time. Kabir now started dropping oil on nehas boobs belly and pussy and on her front thighs and stated massaging them he massaged her boobs in circular motion. He was massaging her boobs very hard and squeezes her tits to which Neha was moaning in pleasure after that he massaged her belly her pussy and her sexy thighs to toe. Neha was lying straight now kabir went up to her pussy and he stated licking her pussy by now Neha was out of control she was moaning kabir seemed to super licker his tongue was rotating and Neha stated moaning loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu please kabir leave me and fuck me hard. She was pleading kabir to fuck repeatedly please kabir fuck me I will go mad put your cock inside my pussy. Usme aag lage hue hai. Kabir was not listening to her and continued licking her pussy and taking her clitoris to and fro in his mouth neha’s hips were elevated and they were bouncing up and down vigorously kabir remained busy in his work until Neha cum in her mouth. After which he went up to her boobs and while squeezing her boobs form both the hands put his long thick cock in the cavity of between both the boobs and stated fucking her boobs vigorously and when his cock comes forward Neha tries to touch his cock from his tongue she was smiling moaning and licking his cock. The super fucker kabir has not cum yet I have never seen a person with such stamina to with hold his cum. Now kabir lied with her and stated fondling her boobs and licking her tits he kept kissing her here and there after some time realizing that she is again becoming hot he now came to action he moved Neha legs apart and took out his cock and guided inside nehas pussy as he gave the first thirst she screamed ooooooooo maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooo she shouted that’s its paining and kept screaming I was in real pleasure I want such a lund only for the choot of my wife who can tore her apart. Kabir was indifferent from her screaming he kept pumping in and out of her pussy now her moaning also became slow her pussy had adjusted his thick long cock inside her and she also stated enjoying and moving her hips up and down she was shaking like any thing.

Now Neha tied knot of his leg behind kabirs hips and enjoying the fuck but this stud was very smooth he was rotating his cock and body in a circular motion which was sending shiver in nehas body and she was enjoying like anything after fucking her in that position for some time. He made Neha in a doggie style and put his cock on the tip of her pussy and gave a strong thirst to get his cock inside nehas pussy she screamed again oooooooooooooooooo she complained kabir u have got a real thick cock . Kabir was indifferent smilingly he stated slapping on her hips with both the hand initially it was slow then it was vigorous now he was slapping on her hips with very hard hands she was screaming badly fuck me hard kabir fuck me hard kabir fuck me hard kabir fuck me hard kabir. Then he uttered a sentence, which I have never heard in my married life she screamed meri phardoooooooo aaj kabir joor se karo kabir aur jor se karo jab tumahri golia mere hips se takrati hai to bahut maza aata hai aaj tak kisi ne is tarah nahi lee mari mai pagal ho rahi hu I can well feel that she was intoxicated and shouting, it was totally new dimension of Neha which I never have the opportunity to see if kabir has not fucked her. I have the fourth cum and even the semen has stopped coming out of my dick and the stud named kabir was normal.

Now kabir has increased his speed and he was furiously fucking her. Neha told her that I have cum kabir he told her that he is also about to cum. They were both sweating badly in ac also now kabir took hic cock out and asked Neha to lie straight he put his cock again in her over flowing pussy and put both her legs on his shoulder Neha screamed please cum kabir but he was fucking her in that position for at least 5 minutes he took the cock out and his cum exploded on her body right from her belly to boobs even sum drops went to his mouth he wiped that with a towel and then he lied with her stated kissing her there bodied intermingled caressing and fondling each other. Kabir asked her how was the fuck she said she had the fuck of the life today kabir told not to worry she will get such fucks only she has to ask me to leave at his place in some or other pretext. I know it is my time to move I came out the house I entered walked very fast toward my car it was almost 12.40 then suddenly my phone rang up.

It was Neha she showed her undesirable angriness on me that she is waiting for two hours for me and kabir has to sleep he’s awake just because of me. I should come at once I appreciated brain of my wife climbed in my car and with in 5 min reached to kabir place the house were I have masturbated four times and rang up the door bell kabir came out he asked me to come inside I sat on the sofa Neha was not visible I asked him were is she told me she is bathroom for a look will be back with in minutes. He asked me about my friend and told me that I became very late Neha was worried etc. Neha came out she was as fresh as she left the house I think she had a quick bath as her hairs were still wet on the top but she took every precaution that her salwar suit chunni well in place I was amazed seeing her as there fucking session was still hitting my mind. I came out of the house walked toward my car Neha moved slowly she turned towards kabir they gave a very quick kiss and hug to each other. We sat in the car I drove the car towards our house she complained me that I became very late I excused me and than told her that I wanted to give her time so that some thing could happen between her and kabir she told me that nothing happened as such she told me today she had red French wine it taste very good after much of my probing she told me that yes today kabir has smooched her on her initiative and he is a very decent man.

I too appreciated my head in her consent because I wanna see more of there fucking sessions. After coming to our bed room she put off all her clothes now her body carried a different deo smell the one she has applied while going perhaps she has put at kabir’s house after the bath. I asked for a fuck she kept a condition I can fuck her but has to massage her as she is very much tired today due to her hectic schedule but I know from bottom of my heart that why she has got so tired. I massaged her nude body separated her legs and buried my dick inside her soon I came inside her pussy perhaps it was that what she was waiting on that moment as she knew that I will come in 5 minutes.

After that she slept immediately perhaps she has too much fucking today which she was not habitual off I remained asleep for some time and was very happy that today the dream of my life has come true and perhaps Neha has find fittest of cock to fuck her pussy please give your response to my story this is the first time ever I have tried to put some thing on paper. Your responses are welcome on Looking on your response I will put my other peeping incidence and the story of how I went to first ever three sum of my life.

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