A fun loving hottie from Hyderabad

Let me introduce myself first. I am a 26 yrs old lady residing in Hyderabad. I have been here since last one year. I am a FUN-LOVING GAL who thinks that “WE LIVE ONLY ONCE” and life should be used to the fullest. I had been in Mumbai for 5 yrs and needless to say that I enjoyed a lot there.

I want to share one of my experiences with you. I have had several experiences from incest, threesome, oral, group etc. Today I want to share with you guys, my latest one. Hope you will like it. Sanchit is one of my distant cousins. Sanchit and I were friends and nearly of same age. In Mumbai, We grew together sharing the Jokes, pranks, some clothes and even beds at times. When my breasts started growing and my ass widened I observed that males were attracted towards these and the glances were focused around them only. Many times I enjoyed this feeling. Ours is a small family. Myself, mom and dad. My uncles, aunts are in Mumbai.

During summers this year, Sanchit came to our house. It was a great occasion. I had not met him for last six years. As he reached our house, my heart missed few beats. My God he had also grown into a fair, tall, handsome boy and a strange feeling gripped me. I wanted to be his girl friend! And wanted to be as close to him as no other women could. During the day and that followed I noticed that Sanchit’s glances were focused around the bulges on my body.

At a moment when we were alone he whispered in my ears “You know what? You’ve grown up so much since I last saw you. Turned into a very gorgeous young lady if you ask me.” I got blushed and felt like a woman needing this man forgetting for a moment that he was my cousin. A day later we went to see a movie. In the movie hall both Sanchit and I actively worked to sit together. During the movie I felt a hand coming close to my breasts and as I checked I noted that it was Sanchit’s hand. I smiled in darkness. Thanking my stars.

“So Sanchit also likes my boobs” I said to myself.

I did nothing to stop him exploring my body. He moved his hand further and reached the tip of my breasts. He pressed it. I enjoyed it and pressed his hand to encourage him. After pressing my soft boobs for some more minutes he moved his hands to between my thighs. I felt sudden wetness come there. He rubbed my vagina and I thoroughly enjoyed his playing with my pussy. After the movie we were back to normal. Next evening I was having a usual stroll around the park in our colony. In between I saw mom dad and dad leave for market which meant Sanchit was alone in the house now. After few minutes I saw Sanchit on the terrace of the house and I could see that he signaled me to come home. Without giving much thought on what his intentions were, I said a quick bye to my friends and rushed home.

As I entered house I could feel that this was the occasion of getting close to Sanchit but more was to happen that day, as the following text reveals. The moment Sanchit saw me he was beaming and held me in his strong arms. I did not expect this from him because after all he was my cousin. But still I did not say anything and allowed him to go on. He showered kisses on my face and that started warming my body. I liked being so close to such a handsome youth and wanted him to love more.

He also felt the heat in my body and increased his actions. His hands were now pressing my boobs and held me tightly to his strong body. The male musk from his body was making me mad. I had not felt this so far in my life and this was really great. When we both were charged a lot. Sanchit felt the need to come closer. I too felt the same need. Opened the buttons of my top and put hand in. His hands were now on my soft skin. Both of us liked the feeling and soon my top was removed. I was only in bra now and Sanchit’s both hands were enjoying my soft boobs.

Very soon we felt that even the bra was becoming an obstruction in increasing the joy that can come from our play. Sanchit took actions to remove the bra. His novice hands made two three attempts to unhook the bra. Finally I had to help him do that. As my white soft melons popped out, Sanchit took them by full force and his pinching even became painful. Thank God this did not continue too long since he took my nipples in his mouth and sucked them. This was a great feeling and I became hot and hot. My breath was hot and rapid now. My pussy was getting flooded with juices. I had never anywhere close to this in my life.

Sanchit took me to the bed. As he laid me on bed a sudden thought came to my mind.

“Will he have sex with me?”

“Will it be alright?” But the pleasure that was coming in this play was too much to think these and I did nothing to stop Sanchit’s advances on my body.

When Sanchit had had enough of sucking, pressing, licking and kissing my boobs, face, lips, neck and bare belly. He opened the zipper of my jeans and pulled it down. My bare legs were a feast for him he rubbed and kissed my thighs and moved to my crotch which was covered by a red panty. His hands were on the crotch and wetness in my cunt was growing. It had now crossed the fabric barrier and Sanchit could have felt this. He inserted the fingers from side of the panty and reached my vulva. It was so exciting that I widened my legs for giving more access to him. After my pussy was fully flooded with juices and had opened up, Sanchit could feel that I was ready to for ultimate joy and he removed my last piece of cloth on body i.e. my panty. I was fully naked now. He sank to his knees and with one hand grabbed my butt and looking intently at my virgin cunt. My hand was pumping his cock firmly.

My cunt lips were puffy. I was gently massaging his balls and he was gently massaged my pussy. He was moving himself in a rhythm. I was moaning and had thrown my head back as Sanchit started to lick me from back to front like a lollypop, stopping at my clit to give it special attention. His other hand was on my tits caressing them and pinching them lightly. His breathing was more rapid and his cock was getting hard and hard. I was also excited and was holding and rubbing it.

With in minutes I was about to burst, then he moved the now pussy juice covered finger deep into the cunt. I realized that Climax was getting closer. As he moved the tip of his finger He shoves his index and middle finger up in my hole and gave a couple of last thrusts. I screamed and grabbed his head and he finished off licking his inserted fingers and I shuddered several times before I regained my senses. He held my knees and smoothly spread the legs wide. I kept my eyes closed and moaned softly anticipating the onslaught. I moved my face in close and smelt the whiff of his body spray. He kissed my cunt lips and he said “I love you.” He rolled his tongue over cunt lips and clit. I was tense and I now propped up on my elbows and was watching his mouth make love to my cunt. He winked at me and gave a light suck to clit. I was now breathing heavily and whispering to him to suck me harder.

He now sat on knees and took his hard cock in hand and started to rub my clit. . I was still staring back and biting lips and moaning lustily. His dick was now throbbing hard and I slowly parted my lips and he pushed his dick into my love hole slowly. The thickness of his dick spread my juicy cunt. As his dick moved into me I felt my woman hood obstruct it and slight pain there. Sanchit slowly increased the pressure and soon my hymen broke. I was turned into a woman by a charming handsome guy. I felt proud in this achievement and bit my lips to control the pain and Sanchit lowered his hot rod in to my love tunnel.

After having gone fully in Sanchit pumped me. I had started enjoying the act now as my choot (cunt) muscles welcomed sanchit’s manhood like it was only meant for him.

I reached his lips to my mouth and started to deep kiss him.

“You make me feel like a great” I said to encourage him.

We kept kissing and I kept moving my hips gently, sliding his prick slowly back and forward in my pussy. I was hugging him tight. With this he increased the thrusts and started to pound away at my sexy love hole. I was screaming and it started to crescendo. We must have gone on for at least ten minutes and I could feel his balls pulse and he came. Spurt after spurt of my juices shot and I screamed into a climax. I kept moaning lustily as I kept moving my hips gently till he had subsided. He lay spent on top of me crushing my milky boobs against his chest and he kissed me gently on my lips.

After that we had lots of sex during any time that we could come together in next one month that Sanchit stayed with us. We even took great risks and fucked in bathroom and with other people sleeping close by. Often we moved out to market and managed some privacy for a quick fuck in the car itself. All this continued for full three months. In the month of September He had to leave to US for his further studies. I really started missing all the fun.

I was by this time gotten used to wild sex and when Sanchit was not there I used to feel horny and used to masturbate by inserting finger or the rear side of my hair brush in my vagina. Pancham, elder brother of Sanchit was perhaps watching me do all this. He was also aware of the fact that Sanchit might be having actual sex with me. One day when I was in their house and had lowered my panty in bed to masturbate, he entered my room and caught hold of me. I tried to resist but he was strong and pinned me to bed. I was also horny so, after some initial resistance I gave up.

By this time he has removed all of my clothes except the bra. I gripped his body in tight embrace and he unhooked my bra. I helped him remove it. Now my naked body was fully available for him to feast and he went mad. It was his first sex experience and he did not leave any part of my body. He kissed me right up to my toes and pinched my nipples, ass cheeks, vagina and thighs. I was enjoying the wild sex he was giving me. His body was strong, fair and even his cock was very fair and big and head was a lovely pink. I was getting hot and hot that in a few minutes from now this monster will fill me up. He was really wild and soon spread my legs to enter. First two attempts of his to make his manhood enter my love tunnel failed. He was trying to do it like an animal and was not holding it to guide it in to my now wet lips. I then decided to help him and held his hot rod in my hands and took it to the entrance of my pulsating cunt. Then with a push he entered me. That very moment, I got the second lover of my life. He started fucking me wildly. His big cock was going right up to my uterus and since my cunt was now full of juices, there was lot of fuch fuch ….fuch sound. I really enjoyed it. With Sanchit it was never so wild. I wanted more and more of wild sex and I think Pancham was to give me this from now on. I hung to his body like a bitch and enjoyed being fucked by a mad dog.

After some time Pancham was panting heavily so I pushed him down and rode him. His big tool was now tearing my uterus and my enjoyment further increased since I did not want uterus, all I wanted was sex and sex only. If today my uterus is torn apart, it will be good for me. I took him faster and faster and we were making lot of noises. Finally I came and now I was almost shouting, soon Pancham also came and shot loads and loads of his hot lava in my cunt. After that wild sex we laid down in the bed. There was nobody in the house that day so whole of evening and night that followed I remained naked for him and we had several rounds of sex. I took him in my gaand (ass hole) also, Sanchit had never done that. Now Pancham was my lover who tore my ass cherry and Sanchit was the lover who tore my choot.

That evening Pancham went out and brought some food and porn video cds. Whole night we watched them and tried all that was being done in them. By morning I was a satisfied woman.

Till the week end that followed me and Pancham sneaked into each others’ room and had wild sex whole night.

So now this kind of sex was a routine for us. I wanted to try something different like threesome, group sex etc. I discussed the same with Pancham. At first, he was a little surprised but after lot of cazoling I took a promise with Pancham that he will try to fulfill my that fantasy soon. Same was fulfilled last month.

Regarding that, I will let u know in my next story. So many interesting things happened that I want to recollect all that describe each small thing in detail so that you guys could enjoy the same. In the mean time do send me your comments about this one. I have several ones to share. Similarly other FUN-LOVING persons are most welcome to write to me. My emails are- OR My yahoo id is-. June. Price. So add me and LET’S HAVE FUN. LIFE IS SHORT… ENJOY.

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