Satisfying the housewife

Couples & ladies who want to enjoy orgasmic sex can get in touch at It so happened that I had to visit Chennai on official duty. My visit was for two weeks as I had to scrutinize some records of a Multi National Company. I reached there and contacted my friend He was actually staying as a Paying Guest at one house. He enquired about my plans and suggested that instead of spending huge amount on hotel bills, I could stay in his house. That was really nice of him. He was also staying alone and since he had shift duties it was convenient for both of us. The landlord was a Tamilian fellow named Selvaraj, who was working in Air-India as an Asst. Supervisor (Maintenance). He had a lovely wife and two kids. My friend was quiet close to the family and he used to have dinner at their place often. My friend and Selvaraj used to have drinks together. The day I reached there, we had a big party that night.

My friend opened a bottle of Black Label and Selvaraj’s wife Gauthami made chicken curry. Since I was a teetotaller I only enjoyed the delicious chicken with rice.

I complimented Gauthami on her cooking and she thanked me. However, I saw that she was not quiet happy with her husbands drinking. Selvaraj was heavy drinker. He consumed nearly six pegs that night and was wavering when he left us. I caught hold of him and took him to his bedroom. Gauthami thanked me again. That night I was thinking about Gauthami. She was a simple Tamilian housewife. She was thin, dark complexioned. But her boobs were medium. She had an exquisite figure and carried herself elegantly. She had well-shaped buttocks and had luscious dark how her rounded ass. However, I soon forgot about her and slept a disturbed sleep. The next two days I got busy in my work and used to leave early and come quiet late at night. I couldn’t meet Selvaraj or Gauthami for these two days. The next day I completed my work early and reached home. My friend was getting ready to go to the Airport for his night shift. He told me to take care and fill up the water for storage. Chennai has a huge water problem and it has to be collected and stored daily. He then left the house and I saw that Selvaraj also went away with him on his scooter. I think it was his night duty too. I came inside and lied down on the bed and due to tiredness went to sleep.

I woke up when I heard a knock on the door. When I opened I saw it was Gauthami holding three buckets in her hand. She told me that water has come and we will have to store. So I went in the bathroom and brought our buckets and followed her to the tap on the street. Gauthami filled up the water in all the buckets and I carried all them to our house. We did two more rounds of water filling and then Gauthami went and brought steel container (Handi) to fill up the drinking water. She fixed up a filter on the tap and collected water in the steel container. I picked up the handi and placed it on her head. Some water spilled over and she was drenched. I begged pardon for my carelessness. She however ignored it. When we reached home, the verandah was slippery with all the water which had spilled over. I took the broom and started to clean it. However, Gauthami came running and took the broom from my hands and said “Oh, I will do this. This is not men’s job.” I said “I don’t mind doing it. You complete all your other work”. But she disagreed and cleaned the water from the verandah. I stood there looking at her thin figure. Her wet saree was clinging to her body and her exquisite figure was seductive. Her saree was stuck in between her buttock cleft and her two rounded buns were enticing me.

Her panties outline was clearly visible. So were riveted to the sexy figure in front of me. She caught me staring at her and shyly adjusted her palloo over her boobs. I was embarrassed that she had caught me out. I silently slid away and came and lied down on my bed. I was planning to go out and have lunch when she knocked and came in. She had brought dinner in a plate and put it on our reading table. I said “Gauthami, I was going to out for dinner. You have unnecessarily taken trouble for my dinner”. She replied “Its no trouble at all. Enjoy your food”. I asked “Have you people had your food”. She said “Children have taken their dinner and have gone to sleep. I will have food now”. I then blurted out “Then lets have it together”. She was hesitant but did not want to hurt my feelings. She took my plate and went to their part of the room. I followed her. She had kept my plate on their dining table and she brought her own plate also. I sat down on the chair and she came and sat opposite me.

We were eating our food quietly. We were both conscious of each other and our proximity. She was immersed in eating her food and I was trying to gauge her emotions. I could see that she was flushed by my attention. Her bosom was heaving and her big boobs were rising up and down heavily. We finished our dinner and I went and kept my plate in the sink. As I turned I found her standing just behind me and I almost crashed into her. Somehow, we maintained our balance. I came out of the kitchen and waited for her. She came out and I said” Gauthami, okay then. Thanks for the delicious dinner and your lovely company”. She flushed and there was an expression of shyness in her eyes. The atmosphere had turned quiet sensuous. But we both did not move as if some divine magnet was pulling us towards each other. I stared in her beautiful eyes and she boldly stared back at me.

There was a mix expression of shyness, boldness, pleading, love, seduction and longing in her eyes. I went closer and she dissolved in my arms and hid her face in my shoulders. I embraced her tightly and kissed. I took her face in both my hands and was about to kiss her when she abruptly pulled herself away and ran away to her bedroom. I followed her into her bedroom. Her two children were sleeping peacefully. I caught hold of her hand and gestured her to follow me. She came with me and instinctively closed the bedroom door. She came and sat on the sofa in the drawing room. I went and sat near her. I enquired” What happened Gauthami”. She shook her head and said “Its not right. We should not do this things”. I understood. She was a simple Tamilian housewife caught in between her physical desires and social values. I did not want to seduce her for sex. I wanted her to willingly come to me to enjoy the pleasures of sex. I asked” It’s your decision. I will not force anything. If you say yes, only then I am going to touch you”.

We sat silent for quiet a long time. I saw many fleeting emotions and thoughts on her face. I could see the internal turmoil she was going through. I took her hand in my hand and asked “Come on Gauthami, share your thoughts with me, and may be I can help you”. She said” I don’t know, I am a very simple person. I have been very faithful to Selvaraj. He has also been a very good husband. He has loved me from the deep of my heart. We have had a very trusting and loving relationship. We have a very active sex life also. We have sex nearly daily. Selvaraj is a very highly sexed person. When he has day duty, we have sex when the children go to sleep. Sometimes two-three time a night. When he has second shift, he comes back at 11.00 in night. The children are asleep at that time. So we watch blue films and we have wild sex even though I am tired. But the best sex we have is when he has night shift.

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