Satisfying the housewife 2

He comes back at 7.30 in the morning. The children leave at 8.00 to school. He immediately wants to have sex. He takes off my clothes fully and we have bath together. He then has nice and slow sex with me with no tension of children or anybody. He has always satisfied me sexually. I have no complaints about you for the first time that day; I confess that I wanted you from the first moment. I was myself surprised by my reaction. I wanted you, my cunt got wet when you talked to me. Selvaraj is a dark person, but you have fair complexion. I wanted you; it has been my teenage fantasy to be fucked by a fair man. I don’t know why, but I have always liked fair men. You are handsome and very fair. That night when Selvaraj fucked me, it was only his body but I was imagining as if you were fucking me. I had one of my most cherished orgasms that day. I don’t know what you will think of me. I don’t know myself, I am totally ashamed”. I was stunned and the room went silent again. She was breathing heavily and she was looking at her hands and wringing them in despair. I said “Gauthami, I respect your feelings. As I said I won’t force anything. Selvaraj loves you and satisfies you. I am happy for you. But you will always regret that you got your chance to fulfill your fantasy and you held yourself back due to sentimental reasons. Gauthami, you have to take your decision. I am going to my room. I will wait for fifteen minutes, if you don’t come by then. I will think your emotions have won over your body. Think it”. I then quietly left and came and lied down on my bed. The clock was exploding like a bomb that day. The seconds were ticking at a excruciatingly slow place. Fifteen minutes passed by but I still waited.

But it was past thirty minutes and I thought Gauthami was not going to come. So I got up to off the light, when I heard a soft knock on the door. I hurriedly opened the door and there she was, looking down. I pulled her in and asked “Gauthami, what took you so long. I nearly died waiting for you to come”. She said “I also died thousand deaths before I finally decided that I will fulfill my fantasy today, come what may”. I closed the door and led her to my bed. She was now clad in a soft pink nightie. Her dark beauty was accentuated by the soft color. I was wearing a lungi with nothing on top. I went and sat near her an s me. She closed her eyes. I placed my lips on her luscious and quivering lips and she shuddered violently. She broke away and embraced me in a tight hug, rubbing her face on my hairy chest. I also placed my hands on her boobs slightly massaging them over the nightie. She let out a soft moan. I increased pressure on her boobs and massaged them vigorously. She violently moaned with pleasure. I took her hand and guided it to my rock hard cock. She held the cock lightly at first but soon took it fully in hand and started pressing it deliciously. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I stood up and dropped my lungi and directed her to slowly peel down my underwear. She knelt in front of me and did as I told her.

My cock sprang out of the underwear wavering like flag just inches away from her face. She looked down out of shyness but I lifted her face. She looked at my hard cock and took it in both her hands. She kissed on the cock-head and licked away the precum. She fondled my balls and took one inch of my cock in her luscious mouth rolling it under her tongue. It was delightful. She was a expert, I knew it by instinct. But I was desperate to see her nude. So I pulled her up and divested her of her nightie. She was wearing a skin colored lace bra and panty. I turned her over and unhooked her brassiere hooks. She helped remove her bra. I encircled her and took both of her big boobs in my two hands. They were a handful. Slightly sagging but very soft and fluffy to feel. I started massaging them and she started wriggling in pleasure. I simultaneously rubbed my free cock into her panty and she was literally shuddering with ecstasy.

I knelt down behind her and rolled her panty down and removed them. Her coal black butts were just above my face. I smelt the exquisite aroma emanating from her mixed with her perspiration. I sank my face in the crevice of her butts and kissed her. I held her buns in my two hands and spread them and placed my lips on her asshole. She jum golden rays on her black and she looked like goddess Venus herself. She had an hourglass figure, untainted by the two children she had borne. Her navel was slightly protruding in as sexy manner. Her vagina was covered with rich black hairs. I placed my hands on her thighs and spread her legs wide apart. I parted her pubic hairs and her pitch black cunt peeped out. It was glistening with her juices and I pushed my face towards her cunt to inhale the sweet aroma of her honey juices. They were divine. I licked her cunt dry. I further opened the portals of her cunt and her pinkish slit and pink clitoris peeped out from behind. I started licking her inner thighs, slowly moving upward again to her outer pussy lips and separated them with my fingers. She was very wet inside and her pussy syrup was leaking down towards her ass.

I quickly licked her juice and it tasted somewhat salty. I inserted my middle finger in her cunt. I inhaled the sweet smell of her cunt for five minutes and rubbed my face on her inner part. Gauthami was squirming on the bed and I bit her clitoris slightly and licked her cunt in long strokes in a upward motion. I then inserted my finger in her cunt and started finger fucking her. That was too much for her. She let go of her loud cry with ecstasy. Tried to silence her. But Gauthami was screaming now. Her cunt was now getting wet and warmer. I was enjoying moving my finger inside her warm and wet pussy. I was touching and pressing her inner walls and her g-spot with my finger. It appeared it was her first time as soon as I touched her g-spot she moaned loudly. “aaiiiiiyyooo aaaaaaaaaa aaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii rasssss nallaaerukkkkkku Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.” I was delighted by her moaning which perked me up. Then I buried my nose in her bush and smelled her vagina. She couldn’t control her feelings anymore and shouted “enna ramsssss panraaaaaaaaaa ayooooooooo ennnnnnaammm o poooolllllllla errrrrrukkkkkkkutheeeeee”. I continued my tongue massage of her wet cunt. I parted her pussy lips slightly and licked the visible sections of her y now. I had grabbed her butts from below and while squeezing them from below I started licking her clitoris violently.

My attentions brought forth her orgasms and I was stunned by the force with which she locked my head to her pubic area. I was arrested in between her most beautiful thighs and the waves of her orgasm drenched me with the sweetest of honey juice. I came and lied down near her on the bed and slowly encircled my arms over her slump body. She was exhausted by the shattering orgasm. I asked politely in smooth voice. “Gauthami, can I kiss you?” She nodded looking down. I raised her chin by my hand and moving even closer put my lips on hers. Her lips were trembling. She seemed unsure to open her mouth. I parted her lips with my tongue and started sucking her full lips. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and tried to find her tongue. As I found her tongue, I sucked her tongue. She moved her hands and grabbed my back. I pulled her tightly towards me and now we were in a tight embrace. She was shaking. Her body was getting warmer. Her palms were moving on my naked back. She did not respond with the kiss. I took my tongue out of her mouth and looked in her eyes. I saw a different kind of look for the first time.

She was radiating and her eyes were bright. “Kiss me.” I murmured softly in her ear. She held my face in her palms and put her wet lips on mine. I let her suck my lips. She inserted her tongue inside my mouth and started sucking my tongue. We had not moved and were lying next to each other; my erect penis was touching her naval area. She kissed me hard and long and then kissed me on my cheeks. She slowly started moving downwards, kissing my nipples first, rubbing her soft face on my hairy chest. She took hold of my rock-hard cock in her hand and planted a longing kiss on it. She took cock in her mouth and started licking and kissing it from top to end then she took my full hard cock into her mouth. She was sucking my cock as an expert. She started increasing the pace and soon her head was bo I caught hold of her hairs and started ramming my cock into her mouth. She grabbed my balls from below and started rolling them in her palms. I felt my orgasm rising from the deep confines of my balls waiting to erupt like a volcanic lava. I pulled her face away and brought her upwards. I kissed her once again and said “Lets do it Gauthami, lets fuck”. She said “Yes, I cant wait any longer too. Come on, put you cock in my wet cunt. Sooooonnnnn put it in darling”. I tenderly made her lie down on the bed.

Her hairs were spread on the pillow like a halo. She was radiating a aura of beauty and I was mesmerized by the divinity of her beauty. I had never imagined that a dark Tamilian woman would give me so much sensual pleasure. Especially her black face, which was sensuousness, personified. So I stood on my knees in between her spread thighs. She opened her pussy lips with help of her one hand and pulled my cock with other hand into her pussy hole. I moved forward and my cock gradually went in her well-lubricated pussy. She closed her eyes and asked me to fuck her deep. I began deep strokes in her pussy that my cock went deep in her and my balls slapped her asshole. She asked to fuck me deep but I slowly moved my cock in and out in her wet pussy and she moaned loudly we both joy and pleasure I dug deep into her wet cunt for about 10 minutes and at last she exploded her whitish juice soaking my balls socked, the juice flowing down her asshole and pouring onto the bed sheet, little after her explosion I also exploded my cock milk inside her pussy and I laid upon her and kissed madly for further few moments and also sucked her boobs.” Couples and ladies can get in touch for orgasmic sex at

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