Night of duty

Hello, I am Vikas. I am a police sub inspector by profession and still unmarried. You know that in the profession of police, you will get a lot of chances of sex. So I will say this job is very wonderful. I have my duty in a Chandigarh near to the university. Usually I got a chance to grab money from the boys and girls on the basis of absence of license, I card or other documents while they are driving their vehicles.

Last month, I was on night duty. The time was about 11 PM in the night. I saw a girl was coming from the university side. She wore a sari and holds a bag in which there should be books. It was drizzling and I was surprised what she was doing in this weather. I call her. She came near to me. I said in a harsh tone what she was doing in this weather here. She replied that she was a student of university and lived in a private hostel near to the university. She was taking notes from her friend so she was late. I saw her face. She was looking very cute. Her age was about 18 years. She had medium-sized boobs which looked very beautiful. She had worn a plain pink sari in which she looked like a goddess. I decided to fuck her.

I took her near to my gypsy and ask her to show me her bag. She showed me. I always had a packet of heroine with me for these types of occasions. I took the packet from my pocket in my hand and opened the bag. I asked where she had to go now. She showed me the direction and in the meantime I quietly slipped the packet of heroine into her bag. Then after some formality, I took out the packet out of her bag and asked what that was. She was totally afraid and asked it was not her. I said that it had been recovered from her bag so it was she. I smelt the packet and asked it was heroine. Law would prosecute her and she may get a prison of about 7 years.

Now she was totally under my grip. She asked me to help me. I asked only I can save her from this condition. But she had to spend a night with me. She was readily agreed. I took her I card and asked her to sit in my gypsy. She quietly sat in it. I drove to my house. I was lonely in my house. I rang to my assistant that today I am not feeling well. So I am going to my house. I asked him to handle with care. Now I was with her. I asked her whether she wanted to eat something; she replied that she was hungry. I always had my food ready for a week because I have no time to cook and also I am unmarried. So I warm the food and gave it to her. She ate it. After that I offered her a glass of milk. After the milk, I took her to the bedroom.

She was still frightened. But I think she was getting prepared for the sex. I started kissing on her face. She closed her eyes. I kissed her whole neck area mouth and forehead. She was breathing deeply. It was a clear invitation for me to have fun for the whole night. I kissed her lips and then start sucking her lower lip. Boy she also responded me by sucking. We stayed in this position for about 5 minutes. I then lowered the pallu of her and opened the blouse. She was not wearing any undergarments. Her boobs were majestic; there was a small light brown nipple on them. I suck her boobs violently. She cried uuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee, kya karte ho, dard hota hai. Do softly. After all it is my first time.

I was filled with joy by listening this, so I took off her saree and her petticoat. She was totally naked before me. She opened my shirt and kissed on my chest. It made me horny. I laid her on the bed and kissed her whole body. Meanwhile she totally undressed me. We both were totally naked. I looked at her pussy. It was a very small virgin pussy. I made a gentle kiss on her pussy. A moan came from her mouth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. I got an idea. I asked her to open her mouth. She did and I quickly shove my dick into her mouth and I made a 69 position and start licking her pussy. I was getting very horny. She was also sucking my dick with a pleasure.

I was getting irritate with this position and wanted real action. So I pull out my dick from her mouth and place at the mouth of her pussy. With a light force, I pulled my dick into her pussy. She cried ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhaaaaaii marrrrrr gayyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. But I made some harder strokes and my dick was totally penetrated her pussy. She was crying hhhaiiiiiiiiiii dheeeeeeere dheeeeeeeeeere aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. I showed no mercy on her. I started to and fro movement and she was crying. I saw at her pussy. Blood was dripping from it. But after some strokes, she was normal. I was pumping her with a great force. She was also enjoying to all of this. After 15 minutes she was over. But I still was not. I made her in the doggy style and they pumped her. We enjoyed this position too. After 10 minutes I too was over. I took my dick out of her pussy and shove into her mouth. I cummed in her mouth.

After that I fucked her for whole night in her every hole and in every position. In the morning I left her. She was badly tired and her eyes were full of dizziness. We both enjoyed this fest very much. Sex in Bangalore mail

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