My sexy aunt

Hi every guys and gals. I m a regular reader of iss and love the way it holds me tight. Want to hear from u people how u like my story, my id is This is my experience with hot old pussy from Sikkim and presently living in north India due to my studies. I live with my friends, one day when all where out I had shower and came to my room and started working nude as no one was there but after few minutes I realized that my window open with no curtains and saw my neighbor looking through it (Aunt next house to us) see was felling hot seeing a naked boy then she called can I come to her house I fell surprised and worried why she called me. After few minutes I reached her house she at first look up to me from top to bottom and gave a strange look, I was thinking else in my mind then she break the silence saying that she saw all that I was doing and slowly told me that can I play with her, thinking nothing else touched her breast and started to kiss her red lips, many times I’ve seen her in her room with nighty only that time I only think having fun with her but today it was dream come true for me, slowly I kiss on her heck and pushed my hand into her breast like a hungry kid and started liking her nipple it was with black top with soft flesh she was moaning as her nipple became hard and harder then she asked me to go down as her pussy was wet when I first touched her clunt my dick realized that it was unlimited fun for him also so he made an 120 elevation.

After kissing her clunt it was hard to stop the phase then I touched her public hair and started sucking her pussy she was already wet and my middle finger went into her women hood she was moaning with pleasure yes ooohhhhhhhh fuck me yeh! Then we changed our position to 69 and her soft fingers were playing with my dick which is 8″ and I was busy sucking her juice which I never tasted before. Then my penis was ejecting realizing the condition we changed and she laid on her bed flat and I was ready with the injection and she guided my cock to her womanhood and with little pressure I put my dick into her wet land she was moaning get it in please! Get me hard please I played like this for few minutes and at one shot put all of mine into her she cried lot as she was hot hoping this and with pain and pleasure she moaned yeh get it full of pain as she tied her legs around my back to give pressure and to her fullest I gave hard strokes again and again, she cried as this the best experience in life after few hard stroke her cum came out and she was in the seventh heaven then it was my turn and put all my cum into her vagina and kissed her breast and played with her nipples after few minutes my dick came out from her womanhood and we kissed each other and went back to my room. Till date she is my regular customer and we two enjoy our relationship whenever she is alone she rang me up. Any gals, aunts and desperate housewives can contact me at but only in private. Bye to all lover of pussy and dick.

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