My awesome slave

Dear friends and readers of Indian sex stories this is my story when I was not married around a year before. I am Shefali a Marathi girl married to a Marathi Australian based businessman and enjoying life like anything. I used to stay in pune before my marriage. My husband is an awesome guy and is a business technocrat. I was working as a fashion model in pune for a private firm.

This story is a true incident which changed my life and my loving and caring husband asked me to post it here so that I am happy to help my dear friend (slave) in his hardships. It all started when I first met this guy whom I will call as slave in my entire story for the first time when I was on a photo shoot for a private firm which happened to be his friend’s fathers firm. I liked him when I first saw him. He is an engineering student and later became my slave. I was still a virgin girl then. I had lesbian relation ships but had never been with a man. Always I wondered that no one can be trusted cause in today’s world all men are just behind fucking and all the shit. I hated all that. Don’t know why but looking at my slave a typical mharashtrian guy of about 21 years I felt something very nice for him. He had innocent looks and he loved to talk in very low tone. I like this guy too much and thought him as my friend.

The day I saw him I couldn’t actually talk with him but then gradually we were good friends. I always like his company and later on came to know that he did not have any girlfriend. I assured him that he can call me his girlfriend. We met many times after that and then he was a familiar person in my house. My mom also liked him due to his simplicity and honest nature. The best feature I liked about my slave was his privacy, his nature of keeping secrets with him. I remember I had asked him not to tell his friends about our relationship but then someone (who was his best friend) saw us one day and straight way came and asked my slave that why didn’t you tell me about the girlfriend thing. My slave honestly replied that I had a promise and so did not tell you. I myself was so amazed to see this nature in these days because all people these days are just talking false and having their work done. But my slave was like that. After a long six months relationship I confessed him about my desire and fantasy. To tell you all here I had always dreamt of a guy who would be my servant slave and should work accordingly. When I confessed him about this he said that he is at my service and ready to become my slave.

Now it all started here. I was 23 then and had pretty good assets of 38 26 38. I know these were very high for a 23 year girl but then I was lucky one to have them. My slave now begins. And I go on to journey which I had only dreamt of. My slave had only one condition to have my pussy clean shaved and rest nothing. I used to ask him to lick me over my clothes for a min of 3hrs. and to tell you all my slave obediently did so without even trying to remove a button of my dress. He said that as he was my slave he would obey to my orders and so on. I remember I had asked him to lick my pussy for a long 5 hrs. which he had done with out any objection. He uses to look after me in a way I told him to do.

One day I just opened my upper two buttons of gown which I was wearing. He obeyed my orders of just kissing there on the bare part and started doing so. And this day I exposed him my complete assets and he obediently obeyed my orders. He also has an awesome lund which I had licked to my full extent and also taken in my virgin pussy to break my seal. I love my slave a lot. I told my husband about this on the very first night of our marriage and he also liked my slave a lot saying that he has never seen a person so obedient in life. I have used my slave also to help my own real married sister and also my husband’s dear friend’s wife who were not able to conceive due to their husbands impotent problems.

My slave obediently gave his seed to them. If you people are thinking I am a slut here then you are wrong. I am from a very good family and had this weird dream from many years. This story is in the memory of my slave whom I love a lot who has not till date even touched a single girl or woman other than us three because I had told him. It’s now a year after my marriage I felt very bad for him. My husband said that your slave helped you in your hardship and now you have asked him not to do anything.

I hereby request any unsatisfied women, any who want to have child, or any women who have weird desires to be fulfilled contact me for that from pune so that I can ask my slave to help you. Regarding privacy I can assure you death privacy from my slave that he will not tell anybody even if he dies and satisfaction to the fullest extent. I am very sorry for not having helping my dearest slave because I am in Australia and he is back in pune. I miss him a lot. My incidents in detailed will be in the second part of this story.

Waiting for your replies. Contact me on my id

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