Married lady enjoyed

Hi Readers, I am again with you with an hot incident in a crowded Delhi blue line bus. Before moving ahead, I want to share a thought with all you people. I just have a feeling that why there is so much difference in our sexual requirements of a men and a women, in my terms both feel the same intensity and both have the equal right to enjoy and have fun. Its just an appeal to all the hot and kinky women who have guts to enjoy and have fun like men in this outer world so please don’t hesitate because if men are ready to explore and have fun with anybody then why not you yes, you have equal right and should come out with all your hidden desires. My below mention incident is regarding a incident where a married women enjoyed with me in a crowded bus and that too before her hubby and I loved this just because she was very firm and affirmative in enjoying with me and just was having an little extra fun before her hubby. Those who still not know me for them I must tell you that I am 28 year old single guy from Delhi and working in an top IT MINC in Gurgaon.

This incident happened in Feb. this year. One day around 7:00’ clock in the evening I was waiting for a bus from Cannaught place to Rohini, as I want to go to Pitam Pura. Its wintertime in Delhi so it’s very dark at this point of time. I approached a bus, which was fully packed, and everybody was pushing to get inside. I managed to get into the middle of the bus and hold the seat rod for help. I suddenly noticed a lady of around 30yrs standing next to me; she was married and was looking stunning in her chiffon sari with shawl around her. She was having a good figure with good breast line. I always have a fantasy of bringing women to pleasure in such crowded places and let them explore it with me. I was holding a small diary and was standing holding other hand with the seat rod. Due to immense crowd, she was nearly getting very close to me and I was enjoying as my other hand was getting in between her legs giving a great feeling of warmness in a winter. After some time, I started getting bolder as I don’t want to miss this opportunity of realizing my fantasy. I tried to step further and was almost touching her. I soon realized that the man standing besides her started speaking to her regarding the child he was holding as the baby was crying. Their conversation revealed that he was her husband and that put me on hold to go ahead as it might lead to a dangerous position if he comes to know about it. The bus was fully packed and no one can move any further and so did I, I kept waited for another few minutes when I realized that she herself was brushing her thighs on my hand and was very cool about it.

It gave me the confidence and I started moving my thumb in between her legs. I was doing it very slowly in order to avoid anybody attention. However, she was now enjoying it and soon she covered my hand with her long shawl she was wearing. I got bolder and started feeling her soft things through her tight chiffon sari. She moved a bit further to help me in exploring her cunt lips and I really got excited, as I know I will be enjoying another few minutes with this lady exploring her wild fantasy. I move my thumb upper to touch her cunt lips and soon I was rubbing her in between her legs. She was getting wild and forgets that her hubby was nearby. She just tried to open her legs further to let me enjoy her fully. My penis was growing due to her wild act and I moved further so that she got a chance to touch that growing bump and she responded positively. Her fingers were slowly touching my growing 6.5” penis. I was now successful in removing her panty to side with her help and now my thumb was sliding slowly in and out of her wet hot pussy. I was enjoying this and want her to give me more access but soon I realized that we are in a crowded bus and her hubby was standing nearby. I was busy enjoying finger fucking her in a crowded bus and her eyes were closed enjoying with rhythm, as her ass was moving in slow motion to help me. I soon realized that she was forced ahead which was further helping me in going deeper , I checked nearby and realized that her hubby was smiling and pushing her slowly further to help me, he was saying something in her ear and that put a wild smile on the face of that lady. I was now thinking that what’s going on and very soon I realized that her hubby moved from his place further and was standing near to us, he was in that position that he was covering us and ensure that no one can feel what’s going on. I tried to remove my hand but she was not ready and kept moving her ass slowly.

I then realized that this couple is enjoying this adventure and its trump card for me. I became bolder and start pushing my fingers deeper inside her. She slowly started giving gaps in between to help her uplift her sari so that I can feel her pussy. It was from one side only and very soon, my fingers were enjoying her bare flesh. I was shocked and amazed as this was happening in a crowded bus and her hubby is supporting her. I was trilled to fuck her more vigorously as her pussy was hairless and fully wet. I soon found that my zipper was open and she was trying to put her fingers in side my pant to enjoy the feel of my hard rod. She soon exploded heavily and my hand was full of her love juice which made me go mad and I also exploded my cum in her hands. Her hubby seems to be enjoying this a lot and we all shared a wicked smiles on our faces. We quickly adjusted ourselves as my stop was very near now. Sometimes, these Delhi blue line buses really act as a secret place for little fun and enjoyment and I hope so many other females in Delhi must have enjoyed these types of incidents. Sometimes willingly and sometimes forcefully and might be these little fun might have give little extra spice in your sex lives. In so many cases husbands are not ready to perform the foreplay activity which the wife desires but these buses gives the extra trill of getting those hidden desires fulfill through some strangers. I would love to get in touch with such horny and fun filled couples and if somebody would love to share to share his or her incident, it would really be great. Please mail your proposals and incidents to me on

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